Marquis de Sade, his entrepreneurial descendant, and, er, Victoria's Secret


I hope that Victoria’s Secret finds use for the “roses dipped in an open sewer” motif.


Yes, he once demanded a cake made with so much chocolate it would be “as black as the devil’s asshole”. And in the Bastille he “adored” at least four bottles of wine a day.

He was a complex and fascinating character, and, with reservations, I think his descendants should be proud to be linked to “the divine Marquis”. His works may have been banned in France, but that didn’t prevent Picasso and members of the Surrealist movement from reading him. Actually it’s a name they should be proud of for more than just him. One of his ancestors, Laure de Sade, was the inspiration for many of Petrarch’s sonnets, and when she was disinterred a previously unknown sonnet was discovered in a locket she’d been buried with.

I may be speaking out of self-interest here. I once read a paper on Sade to members of the Samuel Johnson Society. Afterward we went out to dinner and an older woman picked up my tab. “I want the pleasure of supporting the Marquis de Sade,” she told me. With any luck I’ll be able to dine out on his name again.


People who think de Sade was deliciously naughty and a martyr to freedom have never read his writing. He was much much worse than you think.


Any reference to De Sade that doesn’t include the following should be treated as suspect:

  1. Poop eating.
  2. Blasphemy.
  3. A diatribe against virginity so lengthy that Ayn Rand would fall
  4. Sodomy with or without poop.
  5. Extreme mistreatment of innocent or poor individuals followed by
    more poop.
  6. A freshly imaginative combination of poop eating and blasphemy not
    previously depicted at great length.

I tried to get through his works after watching Quills (Geoffrey Rush did de Sade far better than he deserved) but ye gods.

“Let’s interrupt this strictly male-beneficial fuckfest to read this political pamphlet I was given yesterday!”

@Uncascrooge’s mention of Rand is on the mark - both had a thing for rapey sex and long, boring political diatribes.

(but Quills is still amazing)

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Fifty Shades of Marquis de Sade?

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