Marriott removing desks from its hotel rooms "because Millennials"

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But do “Millennials” even stay at hotels? I thought the kids these days were all about the sharing economy and AirBnB?


I like the desks for putting my crap on them. If I were traveling for work I would definitely use it for a laptop.


I bring a massive, brown leather wingback chair with me every time I stay at a hotel. Also a parrot, a smoking jacket, and any one of my pre 1900 copies of the New York Times.

A gentleman does not travel without ones necessities. Would Matt Berry? I think not!


Do Millennials also prefer eating on couches? Because, I have rarely used desks in hotel rooms for work, but I have eaten takeout many times while seated at desks in hotel rooms.

Also, it seems like replacing a desk with a couch is going to cost a lot of money, right? And need to be cleaned more thoroughly and replaced more often.

I’m left to believe that the consultants are getting younger, and no matter what bullshit they spout, it’s “because Millennials”.


Where do Millennials put their laptops or ereaders or phones to recharge when they travel I wonder…


Millennial here - I like hotel desks since they’re often the only hard surface in the room you can sit at - much easier to eat at, and you don’t have to worry about crumbs getting in the bed or the sofa.


Crumbs in ones bed is akin to being drawn and quartered. I’ve got a feeling about you, you just might be alright.


And also too cheap to afford rooms at the Marriott because they’re lazy.

But not having a desk isn’t going to piss me off because I was already pissed off about no-one offering wired internet anymore.

But seriously, this spells some trouble for my next business trip.


That’s what the double beds are for. One to eat in, one to sleep in!


“Every new beginning is some other beginning’s end …”

Maybe the desks will come back in “business class” rooms (cha-ching). Hey, it works for the airlines.


“They paved paradise to put up a parking lot”


because some consultants told them that Millennials like to chill on couches with their phones, not sit at desks like square-ass Old People.

I thought it was “square-ass Olds”?

Those Millennials, they are concise.


I dislike staying at hotels but there’s many situations where you can’t get around it. One hotel that i stayed at last year did have a desk, but also had a cleverly built in desk to use with laptops that was built into a shelf. This seems to me the easier route to go, use less space and incorporate desks into multi-purpose spaces.

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Maybe not a bad idea. Seems that desks are nothing more than places to put advertisements on now. Every square inch is covered with table tents, room service menus, welcome letters, announcements, product brochures and magazines. Every night I gather everything up and put it in a nice neat pile and every morning the cleaning lady puts it all back.

I stayed in one place in Mexico City recently that had the entire contents of the mini bar arranged on top of the desk. I moved it all out of the way to put my crap down and the next morning the cleaning lady actually moved my stuff out of the way to put the mini bar stuff back out. Ridiculous.


Can I please keep the desk and instead get rid of all the superfluous pillows?


Not to worry: this is merely a temporary inconvenience. In a few years consultants will realize that what hotel rooms need is a desk.

Hey, they’ve got to find some way to justify their continued existence.


That is some Super Saiyan level of passive aggressive.

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I’m gen X and until further notice, this world belongs to me.


My couch has been my desk, bed and eating table for over three decades now!


Every hotel I’ve stayed at in recent years has less of a desk and more of a utility console. It has drawers, a fridge, holds the TV, a charging station for devices, and a small “desk-like” space with a chair at it, which I normally use as space for my carry on bag.

A couch is useless. There is a bed, and usually a chair.