Marsha Blackburn says Black judicial nominee with past speeding tickets has a "rap sheet"

McConnell had a slightly larger majority and judicial nominees just need a simple majority. Far right republicans have prioritized stacking the courts with right wing loyalists to better shape the legal system to their social liking. By way of contrast, To get ANY other legislation to the floor for a vote (except for some economic bills that the Parliamentarian has to agree with), Schumer needs to get 60 senators on board and a single one can scuttle the whole thing with an objection (not an actual filibuster, but just an objection). So, until Schumer can bring things to the floor with a simple majority, he can’t get much done, because McConnell is effective at whipping his side of the chamber.


If that’s the aim, it’s not working. Biden has had more judges confirmed in his first year in office than any president since Reagan.


I was not aware of that, thank you.

Saw an article just yesterday saying that he is taking a page from the Republican playbook on judges.

Interestingly there doesn’t seem to be much right wing bellyaching about the tactics.

That is some classic southern racism right there. Eat shit Marsha and buy a god damned brush if you can’t afford a stylist.

She chose to leave the house that way. Just like Trump chose to not use a tailor…

That’s the point. Her evil would not be made less evil if she were sexy and gorgeous. Her appearance plays no role in it at all. This is a standard that gets applies to women with alarming frequency and needs to die in a fire.


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