Martian Immigration Nightmare: Kafka meets Musk in a trumpism immigration simulator

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Among those caught in the crossfire of last weekend's Muslim ban were lawful immigrants and permanent residents who were in the air when the rules changed...
What? It just looks like a Muslin ban because it only applies to some majority Muslin countries and also President Trump makes exceptions for minority groups but only when they aren't Muslin, and also a Muslin Ban is one of the things President Trump ran on!

I mean, really, if you people keep taking reality literally this is going to be a long four years!


A ban on Muslin?!? What next, denim?


If Pence gets in, there’ll be a ban on mixed fabrics, for sure.


Why is this simulator not a first person shooter game?


Musk has to be an even bigger narcissist than trump to think he can “help guide trump”. He has to know that a narcissist listens to no how is he gonna affect trump. Sadly part of the pathology is not being able to recognize one’s own pathology. Good luck, musk.


How about a simulation where you get on the rocket okay, spend nine months in transit, and then get told that your Red Card was invalidated while you were in transit? Oh, and we’re going to charge you for the flight back.


They can have my denim when they send hotinterested women to peel it from my body.


Quick question, is there a link to info on the people that were in the air when the ban occurred, and were deported for being in violation? I’m not doubting that would happen at all, but I’d like to have a reference to use elsewhere.

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