Martin Amis's greatest book is out of print

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Bless you, @beschizza

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They must have done a reprint of this somewhat recently because I managed to track down a new copy on Amazon, though I’m not seeing that reprint now. Very fun book.

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There’s a pdf scan of the whole thing that’s floating around the Net if you hard enough. It’s a weird book – it’s part describing the zeitgeist of 1980s Britain with Amis hanging out with his heavy-drinking buddy (who is obviously Christopher Hitchens) and part literal strategy tips for video games, not just Space Invaders, but all the other early 1980s arcade games like Pac-Man.

Wow, just like Tron!!

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My copy of this has long since fallen apart. But this was mostly because the illustrations enabled my mother to knit me some amazing jumpers back in the day. (I think I posted pictures on a BB thread many years ago!)

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