Marvel announces the casting of its upcoming Fantastic Four movie with Valentine's Day card

Regrettably it does; it’s just really really bad CGI.

Skip to around 1 hour 25 minute mark for the Human Torch’s big climactic action scene, if you want to call it that.

Even Johnny Storm’s low-rent digital avatar looks embarrassed to be in this film. (“Come on, man—Terminator 2 came out like three years ago! Why do I look like rejected concept art from Tron??”)


Still a more comic-accurate costume than the previous four live-action FF movies.


I watched that entire movie a couple of years ago. I wanted to like it, since I actually kinda like the Matt Salinger Captain America movie made about that same time. But it’s awful. Just bad. Closer to the comics in most ways than the FF movies that followed, but just so relentlessly, irredeemably bad.

I am cautiously optimistic for the upcoming FF movie. I agree with the points you make in your assessment above. Cast is solid (V. Kirby is a solid, appealing actress BTW) and the '60s period setting has me super hyped. But it’s all going to come down the the script, which Marvel hasn’t excelled at in recent movies.

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I’m not convinced that CGI, but part of it might be. Most of it I suspect is more traditionally animated like the Forbidden Planet scene referenced above. It’s possibly a mix. That film was made for like a million bucks. They couldn’t have afforded much CGI, if any, even 1994 CGI. There is a “computer scientist” in the credits on IMDB, so maybe they did a little. Still…it doesn’t look any better than 1970s non-CGI special effect. It’s probably worse.

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There were already full-CGI Saturday morning cartoons in 1994, so it’s not really that surprising that Roger Corman was able to get 45 seconds’ worth of bad CGI even on a tiny budget.

I think this is the team that did the Johnny Storm effects but I can’t make out the name of the production company in that low-res video transfer. “MERL FILM” maybe?

Agree. The “Forbidden Planet” style effects would have probably looked better but cost more (at least if they wanted to do it well).

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Does it rhyme though?

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