Marvel at Stefan Kraft breaking the ski flying record


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My biggest accomplishment was showing up to work today


Nice bit of work, Kraft.


I bet BoingBoing readers would enjoy "The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner"


Um, wow. It looks like he’s actually generating some amount of lift from those skis. Some reading suggests that the skis are indeed designed for lift.

This is a nutso sport!


What I’d like to know is what the training regimen is for getting your achilles so damn flexible. I’d love to be able to comfortably squat the way my wife does, but fear that being put in tiny chairs as a wee one may have removed me from this one of life’s simple pleasures.


Certain regimens help but genetics does play a big role for how much you can accomplish comfortably. I practiced karate as a kid for years and i was just never as flexible as my brother and other people in class.


“The agony of defeat.”


The O face is the key to a stable and safe flight.


Seeing as most 70 year olds are able to squat on their heels comfortably in countries where it is common to do that, I would say it’s mostly habit.


Yeah, I can’t seem to remember the thrill of victory, but that second part is etched forever.


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