Maryland will fully fund Planned Parenthood to make up for federal cuts


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It’s a good day in the USA when tRump Co. is defeated.


I’m not sure I’d count that as a defeat. They succeeded in pushing the costs onto a smaller pool of funds. Unless there’s some way to force the federal government to make up the shortfall this creates…


It’s nice to see some states standing up to this Know-Nothing idiocy, but it’s important to keep in mind that this is all of a piece with the wider GOP programme to toss away nation-wide standards in favour of more and more local standards (see also education, environmental protection, LGBT rights, etc.). People in Maryland and California will continue to be able to access Planned Parenthood (and, have no doubt, will have to pay a little extra in total taxes to cover it), but women in backwards states like Mississippi and Alabama are hosed.

In addition, this kind of thing adds to the atmosphere of vaguely pro-separatist sentiment (e.g. Calexit) that pleases only nasty characters like Steve Bannon and Uncle Vlad.

The damage done here is going to be difficult to undo, especially with the SCOTUS skewing conservative again.


I find this news really excellent and gives me good hope for the future. However this effectively puts the federal government off the hook for providing money for these healthcare services and i’m not sure how i feel about it. But as long as Planned Parenthood can operate i am glad.


So it’s not just Maryland’s state flag that I admire now.


Same. Beautiful flag in my opinion.


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