Mascots, a new mockumentary from Christopher "Best in Show" Guest


I was quite happy to see the actor that plays Jared on Silicon Valley has joined the troupe.


Zach Woods, Gabe from The Office… me too! Immediately recognized how well he is going to fit in.


Do you watch Silicon Valley? He’s excellent in this series, too.

(Just noticed @japhroaig’s comment. I’m not saying tgat I pay more attention to certain avatars, but I always paused longer when I saw that fish. :wink:)


It had more of an official look to it? Or was it just more proficient at attracting your attention?


I’d like to know how bona fide mascots feel about this. Let me rephrase that: I’d love to know how bona fide mascots feel about this.

When Best In Show came out the word among dog show people was “If you don’t see someone you know you’ll see yourself.” And some found it hit a little too close to home.


Way more official. (But, really, I suspect it was the colors.)

You new one looks like it’s giving me the finger. :imp:


What, you thought that was a leaf on our flag?


This article on the main page displays a 404 error. I wasn’t sure where to post this.


Here would be a good place.


Good catch on the http vs https thing, @nimelennar.


A MILLION LIKES!!! Will definitely help distract from the real mascot competition going on, the all too depressing elephant and donkey show :upside_down:


Man… Roy fell on some hard times


I don’t know why this just seems appropriate.


Once again, Japan got there first.




No Michael McKean? :cry:


Well, I was never a mascot, but as a former Entertainment cast member at Disney World, I’m looking forward to this film.


Oh…don’t change it because of me. I’m weird. I couldn’t take staring at the three-year-old me. (I thought it was judging me, questioning my choices over the years.:wink:)


You’re weird? Thank fsm I’m not.


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