Maskless Florida man getting kicked out of Walt Disney World attempts to rouse support by yelling misquotes from A Bug's Life

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I’m pretty sure one of the central messages of A Bug’s Life is that the strength of the ants came from their collective sense of duty to the good of the colony. Maybe he ought to find a better analogy.


It’s not that difficult to guess what his favorite movie is

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Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.


Where is a giant magnifying glass when you need one?

He was also live streaming it the entire time…including when he and his family get trespassed from property.

I cant attach links but its not hard to find. Its 3 hours long.


Why is Disney World even open? That seems very irresponsible right now. It’s no wonder the US is responsible for 25% of global deaths with 4% of the population.


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You’re right, you’re not crazy. You’re evil, and there is a world of difference.


Eh, it’s largely outdoors, reduced capacity, masks required. I wouldn’t go, but it’s safer than a movie theatre.


I don’t buy for a second that none of those people are ever coming within 6’ of each other. This is why we need government. Companies can’t be trusted to do the right thing in times like this.


The problem is that the state of Florida said that it is safe to open, which removed all force majure protections for businesses, leaving them open to lawsuits if they AREN’T open. Money is certainly a part of the problem, but Disney was happy to close the parks the moment that they were given an excuse to do so. Now, our government here in Florida?

While other States were passing meaningful actions to stop the spread of Covid, ours was passing a resolution naming a Florida team the “official” winners of the cancelled NCAA tournament. We’re also the only state that pulled a PROFIT on the federal unemployment funds by having a system so broken that the state held onto the money that long…

As for distancing at the parks themselves? Up until the holiday weekend (where that utterly failed) footage from a number of Disney bloggers shows that distancing has been relatively good.




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I couldn’t make it out:
What was his misquote?

This is all coming from the top. If one orange man had just told these crazies to wear a mask, they would have been running to stores to grab their patriotic mask. And it would have been a political win! He could have (rightly) claimed he was saving American lives! And for once in his miserable life, he would have been correct in saying “He alone could do it.”

The $29.00 for his MAGA hats apparently go to the campaign, so hell yeah he could have added a huge amount of slush to the slush fund that is his political war chest.


Boy, he thought he had a real Spartacus moment there, didn’t he?

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I’ve never been to Disney anything (well, a Disney store in the mall in the ‘90s) and it’s not exactly a wedding, but I would think I’d want to at least wear something more than my fry grease-soaked COVID-wear.


Well it’s good to see that the Mouse cops at least, are living up to that clip. Yes I’m being sarcastic.

And he could have made a sizable profit by printing MAGA masks of various types and selling them to the rubes. The fact that he missed this opportunity is all I need to be convinced he’s not the super genius business dude he claims to be. The various failed businesses were good hints too, of course.


Check “lifetime ban to Disney parks” off his bucket list.