Mass protests and parliamentary chaos in Hungary over "slave labour" law

This is just going from memory, and I may be extremely wrong (if so, please someone correct me!) but IIRC, Russia did indeed back Fidesz back when they were an opposition party, probably as part of their general “Let’s create strife!” policy.

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Not really. Before 2009, Orban was an outspoken critic of Russia. But then it seems that he and Putin recognised a general affinity with each-other as right-wing ultra-nationalist “soft autocrats” and have been mutually supportive in general ever since.

Putin must be very pleased with Orban’s stances against the EU leadership, against the UN, against Soros, and against immigrants and the Roma. Orban has to be a bit more restrained in consolidating his party’s power, but Russia has provided his regime and others with an end-result to which they can aspire (e.g. captive judiciary, cowed press, imprisoned political opponents, easily manipulated elections, kleptocrats, etc.).

That’s not to say they’re allies or that Hungary would return to the Russian sphere of influence. In addition to taking a similar approach to governance, both leaders want to see a return to a world of balkanised and bickering ultra-nationalist states and/or ethnostates run by authoritarian leaders (who are nothing without their enemies, foreign as well as domestic).


Two extra hours every day.
52 weeks in the year, 5 working days in the week is 204 working days in the year.
400 extra hours is 2 hours a day.

Unless of course your overtime is calculated by the week or month, instead of by the day
That never made sense to me since I always viewed overtime as — you’re making me work a longer day, which is onerous, in addition to fucking up any of my after work responsibilities (childcare, school, another job).
But of course all your hours should be AVAILABLE to your employer; and they get to choose which they pay you for, right?
A monthly overtime calculation fucks you over since you can’t plan your income week to week (nor your time). Sort of like only getting your schedule two weeks in advance.
I’d always worked salary so we got our schedule a whole month in advance. We also lost vacation days if we didn’t use them all by then end of a year (not that we were paid for them). You could only schedule advance vacation days in blocks of a week*, and if ON ANY DAY OF THAT WEEK four people had already scheduled, it wasn’t approved. you might get it when the final schedule was made, but you wouldn’t know until a month in advance (or less, depending on when in the month it was).
*technically you could schedule less than a week block, but priority was given to people who scheduled a week at a time, so functionally it was the same thing.
Fuck my old job.


Ruing party was founded as Alliance of Young Democrats in 88.

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