Massive amount of cocaine found at Coca-Cola plant


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[quote=“pesco, post:1, topic:84482”]blow was discovered in a shipment of orange juice concentrate

Minute Maid has been abnormally speedy lately.


They were planning on releasing Throwback Cola, but I guess that’s not going to happen now.


In related news, Coke bottling plants in France have been rated as the #1 most fucking awesome place to work! Go Coke bottling plants in France! Nous sommes nombre un! Le woo!


We’ve been calling her the 37-second Maid over here.


Is it me or is cocaine making some sort of pop culture comeback? Because I remember growing up in the 1970s&1980s … and the drug reference for all radio/movie/tv/film/newspaper stuff was always cocaine. Cocaine trafficking. Always coked up Hollywood stars and producers. DiscoClubs with railmarks cut into the table because coke. It made people wear pastel suits and keep alligators trapped in boats.

Then some rich kids in the suburbs, a weird English toilet scene, and fucking Jimmy McNutty made it about heroin for the past 15 years.

Now we back to coke. It is weird that pop culture acts as a marketing and advertising force for anything found unconscionable by the DEA.

That said … stay off coke, kids. sugar is bad for you.


The English Toilet scene was so much more authentic back then. These days it’s all watered-down hangers-on.


Well I found myself wondering why a Coke plant would be receiving a ton or so of orange juice concentrate. Is it an ingredient? Is it to prevent scurvy? Some kind of fetish?


At the risk of “dissecting the frog,” the Coca-Cola company makes Minute Maid orange juice.


Minute Maid is a Coca-Cola brand, so they probably use the concentrate to make orange juice, which they would package in cartons and bottles.

Damn it, beaten.


Person from 100 years ago, “Why is this a news story?”



As I’ve heard it asked before “What happens to all that cocaine that they remove before they make the Coca-Cola?”




According to this article it’s bought by Mallinckrodt Incorporated.


I was really hoping from the headline that it was going to be some deserted part of an old plant that still had some of the original ingredients mouldering in piles.


Sadly, heroin use is still going strong. Since it’s much cheaper than those prescriptions, heroin has become a natural next step after people get hooked but can no longer afford them.


It’s just more 80s nostalgia!


Thanks, Obama!