Massive whale shark lashed to truck


Darn. I got to swim next to a couple of these… they are beautiful, peaceful creatures. Their spots glimmer like silver coins under the water.

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The tail’s sitting on the exposed engine’s moving parts… The truck itself looks like one hell of a story.

It’s terrible to kill a whale shark. :confused:

Christ - what an asshole.


A giant peaceful plankton feeder.

I wouldn’t be against this if it was killed quickly and if whale sharks weren’t vulnerable. I doubt it was killed quickly, though. Even if it was, IUCN says it’s vulnerable.

At least the whole thing was taken, I guess. I don’t know if whale sharks are commonly finned and tossed back like other shark species are. That shit’s unconscionable.

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It’s urethane foam, right? Please tell me that’s a prop.


That looks considerably longer than 16 ft to me. Assuming the upright post of the truck cab to measure about 1.3 m, I traced along the shark’s midline using Meander, and get an overall length about 7 m, or about 23 ft. Perfectly correct to describe it as ‘massive’—yet, it’s actually on the small side for an adult whale shark—they average closer to 10 m. Astonishing animals.

They’re sometimes called Iron Buffaloes in English, since they’ve basically replaced a water buffalo with a small motor to pull the cart.

Fuck humans. Look at us…

Wait. A guy caught a 2 ton fish in his net, which he retrieved somehow and threw on top of a ‘truck’? The linked ABC article says nothing more than that. This is called “What a great photo! Let’s invent a story for it and profit from it’s properties as click-bait.”

I see a coffee-table book full of captured ‘stupid humans’ moments. It’ll sell like crazy. You in? We could follow it up with a polyester-bound tome itemizing the rich history of ‘failure to follow through with the Promise of a Bright New Tomorrow.’

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Slightly better article here:
Endangered whale shark caught by Chinese fishermen - Asia - World - The Independent

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