Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to Trump: Stop using our movie in your campaign ad

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If trump were ever to get his grubby little hands soiled with work, I could understand him choosing this excerpt and also choosing NOT to ask for permission (because he thinks he doesn’t need it, because he thinks it doesn’t apply to him, because he thinks OF COURSE they’ll say yes, because he doesn’t fucking understand media or copyright law)
But it wasn’t him. Trump didn’t pick this fucking clip. It was one of his minions who runs his pr campaign, who knows how to cut and edit and post and understands ALL of the above and STILL didn’t actually ask for permission. Is this a subtle sabotage? Is this how you work for trump and still get to sleep at night?


Sometimes a shoe is just a shoe. What good is one old broken down counterfeit Air Donny?


Tear him down?! For selling our defensive playbook to our enemies? Well I guess we’re just a bunch of jerks then, so shame on us. Thanks for the plagiarized lesson in humility Don, sorry for bothering you over this trivial matter.


Fortune favors the dumb, I guess.
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Matt Damon has had a very respectable film career and has used his fame and fortune to support reputable progressive activist causes for decades. He’s not the dumb one here.


It’s long been admitted that his characterization in the movie had nothing to do with the actor himself and everything to do with how the puppet turned out.


Yeah, I doubt it was Trump.

Trump would say that he was like that only better, because he built himself up.


Exactly. “No one built me up. I did it myself, despite so many people treating me very unfairly. I did it with my amazing brain and my strong Christian faith, you know, I have a terrific relationship with God…”

Seriously, though, what is it about festering turds that they leave that festering turd stink on everything they touch?


Also that movie was made at a time when Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s creative output was moving from “the left and the right are equally worthy of ridicule” to “actually, the left is even MORE worthy of ridicule than the right!”


Sure, because he has a history of not stealing from people, and definitely paying creators for their content.

This GOP playbook activity goes back at least as far as Reagan using Springsteen’s Born In The USA as his campaign theme song, despite Bruce repeatedly insisting against it.


I couldn’t even stomach the video knowing it was about Michael Jordan.

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Why, what’s wrong with him?

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“Work for”? One of his ‘meme lord’ fanboys probably did this free.

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Considering Donnie’s history of not paying people, there’s a good chance that the person ends up working for free despite thinking that they were going to get paid.


Sounds like some sweet copyright infringement to me!


The speech is ridiculous about anyone.

But based on every anecdote I’ve ever heard about him he is a very petty person without a sense of humour.

It is also ridiculously cringe as the speech is being made by a guy who wants to sell shoes.

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