Matt Gaetz wants to segregate students from their peers who take mental health medication (video)

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Recently, my high school senior couldn’t even get two tabs of ibuprofen from the school nurse when she went back to school after being out with the flu for a couple of days.


I bet his plans here started with vaccinated kids and evolved as too many people told him he was stupid.


Go straight to hell, Gaetz. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. You’ll fit right in with all the other demons down there you craven jackass. (I’m extra-grouchy from missing a few days of my mental health meds.)

Seriously, would he prefer that kids with mental health issues NOT be treated? Even in the fucked-up NRA-brain logic of “mental issues = dangerous,” this seems counterproductive.


One can only imagine what his “solution” could possibly be. Horrifying.


Because isolation will make things better mental health-wise?

Heck conservatives love isolation these days. Thinking that keeping people alone, mentally ill, drunk and thinking living away from others out in the middle of nowhere or in gated communities will keep them in power. That’s what Putin has been doing with the oblasts and autonomous regions to control those 11 time zones. Blame mexicans until they start adopting evangelical views, then court them over to distrust lqbt people and then try to reach out to lqbt people to join them against a new scapegoat and then cycle continues on and on from there. There are a ton of people like this they have manipulated for years


I’m shocked that a smarmy shitweasel with a law degree doesn’t know about the ADA or The Individual with Disabilities Education Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Family Educational and Privacy Rights Act!!!


And where does he think TFG should be slotted?


“Now we live in a world where the biggest pill mill is the school nurse’s office,” says Gaetz. And parents who disagree with medically treating mental illness “shouldn’t have their kids in school with the most doped up generation in all of human history.”

He just wants to go back to the good old days when we gave troublesome teens icepick lobotomies. :man_shrugging:


He’s just looking for an excuse to conduct a direct investigation in an all-girl’s high school.


Matt Gaetz should be segregated from the rest of us for our mental health. Jebus.

So he’s saying that kids become violent/killers because they are “traumatized,” but their “trauma” is so slight that just “learning sometimes that you get scrapes and bumps” (I assume he’s talking metaphorically here?) is enough to dispel it? Unless you get medicated, in which case, one can’t dismiss the negligible “trauma” and it becomes… actual trauma? This is just so… /waves generally in confusion… yeah, I got no words.

I assume this is like MTG’s word salads - something that doesn’t represent a coherent set of thoughts, much less any sort of considered argument, just words that, if you don’t pay attention to them, check all the right boxes of his supporters. If you poke at it in the slightest, it falls apart because there’s no internal consistency/coherency, much less do what appear to be the underlying assumptions hold water - e.g. that kids have become more violent, that this corresponds with an increase in mental health related drug use, that schools are pushing them…


I think he’s already done independent research. The whole thing has a “I waited around all afternoon hoping to rub ointment on cheerleaders, but it was all dorky girls taking their psych meds” vibe to it.


Yep. When I was teaching a high school credit recovery class, I had a student who had cramps and was really having a tough time. In order to stay enrolled in the class, students were allowed five absences so she couldn’t afford to go home sick. She asked me if I had any ibuprofen. I told her that I did have some but that I couldn’t give her any. Then I purposely left my bottle of ibuprofen on the corner of my desk and I went to the other side of the room with my back to her.

Most CA school districts won’t let young women carry ibuprofen in their backpacks. It wasn’t always like this. When I was in HS, you could carry OTC medicine, even your own Rx in your backpack. Now they won’t let school RNs—nurse practitioners in the district where I worked—hand out ibuprofen, even with parental permission. :rage:

eta: Nurses could only give out Rx that came with a doctor’s note; absolutely no OTC drugs with parental permission.


The usual:


I’m pretty sure the only one here handing out pills to schoolgirls is matt gaetz.


Oooh! Oooh! Does it involve Jesus?


Silly question maybe - why can’t they carry their own over-the-counter painkillers?

Thank you for being decent to the students in your care.


Pretty sure she wants Matt to slot her, but he doesn’t seem all that willing.

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Can confirm. We spend ridiculous amounts of time writing notes for kids to be allowed to take ibuprofen, tylenol, even to use diaper cream in daycare settings. It is a stupid use of medical hours.


It’s easy to dismiss the Republicans, but we should recognize that there’s something impressive about the way that they consistently home in on not merely the cruelest possible response to society’s problems, but also the stupidest and most ignorant. That level of malicious idiocy doesn’t happen by accident: it can only be the product of both native talent and significant effort.