Matt Groening's new animated series "Disenchantment" headed to Netflix

Elves like pegging? Who knew?


Good point, and there’s another thing about Groening that irritates me: inevitably, he starts phoning it in. The final year or so of the Life in Hell comic strip could be summed up as “All Ackbar 'n Jeff, all the time,” and I never found the Ackbar 'n Jeff strips to be funny.

As much as I miss The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes, at least Larson and Watterson decided to end them rather than let them slide into a rut.


Oddly, if “Far Side” had fallen in to a rut, it would have been entirely appropriate given his subject matter. :smiley:

On the one hand, it could be interesting. On the other hand Bender’s Game was… not great.


Well, I hope this works out for this Groening kid. He could probably use the cash.

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