Matt Reeves to make spin-off movies for several Batman villains

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Calendar Man Movie or GTFO!


or Bat-Mite.

I’d prefer Calendar Man, but I’d settle for Bat-Mite

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Jon Stewart as the Riddler, and he tortures the GQP/NATC crowd with their own bullshit! Oh yes…


James Gunn has dibs on Bat-Mite.


he’s not called the world’s greatest detective for nothing.

Pretty sure Batman bought himself that mug, and not what everyone calls him…


Yeah Ra’s al Ghul just calls him “Detective”. No comment on the quality of his detecting.


Sweet more long slogs of batman movies from the director who brought us the longest sloggingest batman movie ever. It could have been a tight 2 hr movie but instead… instead.

Anyways, it wasn’t my flavor (the detective part was/is great but… but.)


Wasn’t my flavor either, and the detective part was 99% everyone ELSE telling him what the clues meant while he looked at them and brooded… and brooded… and brooded some more.

It was a dark, depressing, relentlessly grim film, and I saw none of the stuff in it people said made it great. But hey, now we can look forward to more of it, and I’ll stick to Marvel now, thanks.


It badly needed an edit. And that climax seemed quite bolted on, like WB came back and said “no where’s the action at the steam and sparks factory”.

I really like that this was a movie about a Batman that is not good at being Batman. Especially in the way multiple characters, especially Cat Woman, regularly called him out for it. At one point she directly calls him creepy, and more than once mocks him for being mopey.

Hyper confident, plan for everything, instantly solves it Batman is pretty boring. This was a nice a change, even if the execution was hit or miss. And it’s still GRITTY AND REAL BROSEF.

Or, y’know, to develop them and then have them get prominently snuffed for a tax write-off, amirite?

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