How The Batman captures the essence of the comics

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I’m not going to watch the video since I haven’t seen the movie yet. I do understand that the villain in this film is The Riddler, which I assume would create a lot of potential for Batman to exercise his detective skills.

Handled properly by good writers, the villains usually highlight aspects of Batman/Bruce Wayne by providing funhouse mirror images of himself with which he can spar.


The Batman was a genuinely thrilling film because of the heavy crime and noir elements. Usually, a Batman movie is light on plot and heavy on set pieces (out of control trains, explosive-laden sites, etc.), but instead Matt Reeves leads you through a story where the audience genuinely doesn’t know what will happen next and they are forced to make guesses in the dark. The feeling of the plot moving you through the unknown is great.


I enjoyed the movie and like you was happy to see the detective aspect emphasized. I was slightly concerned that it Reeve’s might “vamp up” Batman since Pattison’s breakout role was in the Twilight franchise, but I’m happy to say he didn’t and the performance was on point. I did like his take on Batman a bit more than his Bruce Wayne, but this is a Batman-centric Batman movie, so it’s a minor quibble.

Also had a cool new take on the Batmobile. I do feel like some of the shots were a little too drawn out and that it could have beneffited from being 20 to 30 minutes shorter. But overall I’m quite satisfied with it.

For those unaware, LEGO released a Technic model of the new Batmobile complete with some internal lighting.


They’ve lost me with the copyright shutdown of the embedded video, The Warner Brothers, apparently Lloyd and Harry, have no sense of how to build audience support. This is a fond review, but Lloyd Warner (maybe it was Harry, I don’t recall which was dumber) picked up the phone, called his lawyer, and ripped out an important part of a good review. I’m now going to wait for it on DVD, competing with Cannonball Run and Show Boat for a spot on the “to watch” list.


If these Batman adaptations get any darker they’ll have to film the next one in sonar.


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