Mayor of Atlanta retaliates for unfavorable coverage by blocking journos on Twitter


I love that the Mayor of Atlanta thinks journalists can do anything anymore.


That’s almost as good as the list of “pinko commie scum” journalists published here: , which basically includes everyone except the two dozen people working at the two publications openly owned by the right-wing party (which are more propaganda mills than anything resembling journalism). It even goes as far to paint the people working at children’s magazines (aimed at ages 6-10) the red scourge…I guess you have to indoctrinate them while they’re young.

Fox News - it’s not just in America :stuck_out_tongue:


Mr. Reed has discovered new ways to look petty and narcissistic on twitter. I am impressed, truly.

Wow, second post tries to redirect attention to that evils of the right-wing in Slovenia, and takes a swipe at Fox…when the person the story about is a Democrat. Doesn’t fit the narrative for some people, I guess.

What I found amusing was the similarity with certain journalists being offended because the list forgot them, same thing about it being a point of pride :slight_smile:

“Who’s whom?”? The verb “to be” takes the nominative, not the accusative, case and so it should read “Who’s who?”.

This is becoming an increasingly annoying problem these days where it has become almost acceptable to say “It’s me” rather than “it’s I” when responding to the question “who’s there?” (I even heard that from a school teacher a little while ago!). I am, however, surprised to see it in an otherwise literate blog such as BoingBoing.

It’s not “almost acceptable.” It’s completely accepted. Language changes. Always has, always will.

Well, the Democrats are a centre-right party. It doesn’t explain the Fox reference though

There is a difference between the formal language and the colloquial language, and they have different rules. The formal is proscriptive, the colloquial is descriptive.

There is room for both.

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That’s a much better (and more accurate) way of putting it.

I live in Atlanta and this is the first I’ve heard of this. What is he, 5 years old?

BTW, you should avoid linking to Creative Loafing. Their javascript is so out of control I have to disable it every time I go there.

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