Mayor of Jackson, MS: "I believe we can pray potholes away"

In other words, until he stops actively and effectively shielding child rapists from all consequences for their actions and all justice, fuck the motherfucking pope.

For those who don’t understand the reference, covering something/someone with Jesus’ blood is an expression used by some Evangelicals to say that it’s protected from harm. I hadn’t heard it used with reference to food before though - we generally just gave a short prayer of thanks.

The first time someone asked me if I was “washed in the blood of the lamb” I had NO idea what was going on. I wondered what kind of bullshit little town I had moved to, because I was pretty freaked out.

I might have offended the person, because I don’t think my reaction was kind. Someone explained it to me, so I have a more civilized reaction these days. (“No, but I appreciate your kindness” and then I extricate myself, because I don’t enjoy arguments.)


Ah, Charismatic/Pentacostal Protestants. Surprisingly enthusiastic about what is, AFAIK, a Baptist hymn. :laughing: (I know there’s not a 1:1 correlation but it kind of all feeds back to that particular hymn one way or the other.)

I’d like to say if anyone asked me that question I’d tell 'em “I was but I’ve had a few showers since then and I’m ok now. Have you heard about our goddess, Eris?”

Instead, I follow my heart and I’m nice to most folks proselytizing. Although if someone knocks on my door at 9AM on a Saturday, they’re not going to get a very long response.


Anyone knocks on my door uninvited at 9am on a Saturday morning, they are going to get completely ignored.


I was expecting a package. :laughing:


Ah, I see.

In that case, claiming to be a satanist usually makes them very anxious to be on their way.


I sometimes wish to have a big pentagram to have hanging over the fireplace when the Jehovah’s Witness people knock. (maybe a big old Dobb’s head just to make them really confused)
The Mormon’s so far have been actually pretty cool with both coming by at a good hour and happily taking a no thanks have a good day.


My former roommates used to love it when the LDS missionaries came by. My ex-roomies were themselves charismatic protestants but just looooved to argue on matters of doctrine. As I understand it, the missionaries were good sports about it but after a few times of that, they give my house a wide berth.



I ran into some Mormon missionaries while I was in Latin America. They were visibly relieved to have someone to speak English with. I told them I’d be happy to chat, but not about religion. Those poor boys were sent out with almost no Spanish skills. I know they have language training, but these two were in way over their heads. They were nice though.


And, of course, I’m out of likes. Have one of these instead until I get some more…


One may be able to use to jimmy out the number of reported potholes compared to last year.

Municipal data is awesome.


Got it:

20,486 potholes* reported since 08/21/2015

6,363 reported between 08/21/2014 and 08/20/2015

That’s 14,123 more potholes reported than the entire year before this guy’s tweet. That’s a ~31% increase.

*That is, potholes or related damage. There are a few reports of cracks in the road and things like that.

NOTE: I am not a political scientist. My spreadsheet skills leave much to be desired. Also, I suck at math in a general way. So someone should definitely CHECK THEIR EFFING SOURCES before quoting me on any of this.

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Crap. You see what I mean? That’s not a 31% increase. What the hell was I thinking?! More like ~320% increase…Crap!


I’ve got a soft spot for the Mormons - well, I married a former Mormon boy, after all. Which, sadly, is why they don’t come around anymore. They know better than to come argue with an apostate. But if you need some heavy furniture moved or some yard-tidying, they’ll help and you don’t even have to give them beer after.


Was you drinking Instant Karma by any chance?

Speaking entirely as a Unitarian, exhausting them is sorta fun. But really, who am I to shake their tree?


Speaking as a former Mormon Missionary, Unitarians were fun.

They took religion seriously in a non-serious way. A lady minister whose door I knocked on told us that her cat was named Noah, “after the Biblical myth”.

Mormons believe in the literal truth of the Bible, and I think she knew. I still smile about that one.


I like to think we take people seriously, in a non serious way. You might have knocked on my minister’s door, that sounds like her style!

I have a date with my local JW’s in a couple weeks. I’ve taken to scheduling them. heheheh.