Mayor resigns after surveillance cam catches him tossing dog poop in neighbor's yard


I get that what he did is embarrassing but, is it that bad that he had to step down as Mayor?

Context is everything. Not only was it inexplicably petty, but it’s slightly political as well, in that the lawn-owner was outspokenly against dogs and their poop. So pretty much on the level of tearing down someone else’s lawn signs, but with an added fine for littering mixed with a lingering smell on the mayor’s fingers. Democracy at its best.


Damn. I read “mayor resigns after” and was hoping it was that jackass in Peoria, Illinois.

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The unfortunate thing about politicians who make horrible mistakes, own up to them and resign is that the only politicians who are left in office are the ones who make horrible mistakes, don’t own up to them, and refuse to resign.


A “mistake” is when you accidentally throw the dog shit into the compost bin instead of the garbage can. This asshole did that on purpose, and only owned up to it because he got caught on camera.


Absolutely. It speaks volumes about his character (and intelligence). I wouldn’t trust him to clean my toilet.


This mayor didn’t resign until he was convicted of fraud a few days ago.

Oh. Sorry. I must have made a “mistake.”


Often it is exactly those little things that dishonor people. With worse crimes the situation is usually more complicated. There are two sides to every story and if all else fails they may at least bolster your villainous badass credentials. This, on the other hand, is just so petty that there is no way to come out of this looking good.

Yeah, but…Rob Ford.


At least he went all-in and scored a few audacity points.


“the June 7 incident was a lapse in judgment”
followed by
“At the same time, these events continue to be embarrassing to me”

It seems like there may be more than just the dog-poop incident.

“You don’t scare me, that could be anyone’s ass. Now beat it! I’m calling the shots.” - Mayor DJQ

Maybe doing drugs woulod have fared better for this mayor as people seem to not mind that as much as dog poop.

Nobody has said it yet? Ok. Here goes…

“what a shitty thing to do”

(grasping at low hanging fruit)

I live in the next town over in La Canada - this is hilarious!

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