MC5's Wayne Kramer touring to celebrate "Kick Out the Jams" 50th anniversary


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What did poor James ever do to you?

“MC5’s Wayne Kramer touring to celebrate “Kick Out the James” 50th anniversary”


Rock and Roll lives!



I am always too slow with the fast snark.


However it has been seen relying on ibuprofen and metamucil instead of speedballs and beer lately.


They sample the MC5 at the beginning of this KLF classic.

Thought I like the instrumental version more.:

And the America - What time is Love even more:

ETA - and KLF borrowed the whole JAMS thing.


I get that “proto-punk” is a common label for MC5, but dammit I would be extremely annoyed if my music was defined in terms of something that came around later.

It’s like being called an appetizer. Bitch, I’m an entree!


Pass the canapés, please.


Holy shit! 50 years since Kick out the Jams!


I kinda liked that headline better, to be honest


Dang! Double DANG!


Real music makes life worth living :zap:️:zap:️:zap:️


“Kick out the moms, jammyfuckers!”


Oh how I would love to see the photos that guy was shooting with his little 50mm lens.


A lotta snark in previous comments, but no mention of Kramer’s excellent solo output:

For my money, Citizen Wayne and The Hard Stuff were great songwriting in a raw, real voice, and they belong right up there with Iggy’s stuff, but hey, what do I know. I clearly don’t know how to snark.


Jeez… It’s not like anyone said anything remotely negative about the guy.


All hail the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu!


Punk was a flash in the pan. It lasted 6 months, one year tops. Really. It morphed fast. But it was the spark that flamed the embers glowing beneath it. Dada was also incredibly short lived, but look at what it wrought. It also did not come sui generis. Read ‘Lipstick Traces’.


Nor did I mean to imply that. Just adding data.


I like to think of punk rock as trying to copy the titans that came before. All the first punkers worshiped the the likes of MC5 and the Stooges. They saw them as the best and wanted to play with that much intensity.