The MC5 are back to kick out more jams, motherf**er

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I wish Brother Wayne all the best, but I still feel weird trying to think of it as the MC5 when it doesn’t even include Rob Tyner or Sonic Smith (R.I.P.).

I suppose it’s the spirit of the endeavor that matters.


Welcome to the stage, The MC1?


I also worry about seeing old favourites when almost no one’s left. but - a couple of years ago I saw Gang of Four with only one original band member, and they were bloody good!

Here’s hoping…


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Recent Gang Of Four output has been good, so not surprised the show was . Lucky you to get to see it!


acknowledged, but I refuse to “like” this. nor the time Timberlake posed (as in “poseur”) on the cover of Vibe with a fur fucking coat over their tee.

if it was me, I’d give my band a different name if I was the only original member but Kramer has struggled to find an audience with his post-MC5 work so I ain’t mad at him. especially since he recruited Stephen Perkins, he’s the man.


More please.


My BF (a bassist) saw Gang of Four last weekend, with Hugo, Ms Lee, et al. We’d also seen Andy Gill’s group a coupla years ago at an intimate club. Both shows were fantastic.


I always loved the MC5, and mom was a good friend of John Sinclair’s.

I played a gig at Wayne State’s St Andrew’s Church in the midish 80s. Our 2 poets/1 electric guitar/lotsa folks banging on weird metal objects industrial band opened for a fabulous goth-y local group called Viv Akkauldron. They were amazing, and utterly original. It was thrilling to learn they thought the same of us!

I was exceptionally pleased to see Mr Rob Tyner enter with his at least 8-strong entourage, and thought, “That’s great! How wonderfully broad-minded of him and his friends!” He went right up front, and stood about 4ft away from me, taking in the scene before him. One of his buddies smiled at me, and I happily returned it. Then Rob opened his mouth.

"Oh, My, God. Look at their clothes! Look at their hair! They call this music?!"

I waited for this ridiculous statement to be shown to be sarcasm, but no such luck! I was disappointed beyond words, crushed, and absolutely livid. I quickly closed the distance between us and stood right in front of him. My five-foot-one (just like Uncle Iggy!) little tiny 19-year-old ass looked way, way up, dead into his eyes, produced a grim grin, and gave him one of my famed verbal shotgun blasts. With both barrels, mind.

"Gee, Mr Tyner, you sound just like Your Parents!"

Rob stared and stared at me, in disbelief that a young peasant could so address Him. He became very angry, veins popping, clenching his jaw and his fists. I kept grinning up at him, my thoughts made obvious in my eyes and expression.

“Are you honestly going to hit a tiny little girl who’s less than half your age and weight? In public, even?!”

Rob eventually tired of damn near hyperventilating from rage, stuck his precious nose in the air, spun on his heel, and stomped out, his entourage (most of whom were enjoying the band!) trailing behind him. The guy who’d smiled at me gave me another grin and The Nod, and I returned both as he left.

My bandmates were shocked, and proud of me, as were Viv Akkauldron when they found out what had happened.

I shudder to think how he’d’ve reacted had we been onstage during his arrival! He probably wouldn’t’ve made it inside the room!

I’m sure you can imagine my mom’s reaction after she’d asked how our show had gone. I prefaced the story with, “Well, Rob Tyner almost punched me in the face…”

Mr Tyner, you let down some of your biggest fans that night.


I wanted to highlight something from this post to comment on, but it’s impossible. Each time I thought I had something I read another line and it just got better.

First your mom is awesome, then you are awesome, then you are more awesome.

You win the internet for tonight


/humbly bows, sweeps hat near floor

Thank you, my very dear.

ETA: I really was a big MC5 fan from early childhood. I sang along to Ramblin’ Rose and Kick Out the Jams (inc the live intro, of course) etc etc when I was a tiny kiddiewinkie. I danced to their stuff like a miniature punk lunatic, which seemed the right/only way to dance to it, long red-blonde-platinum hair flying around me. Mom (who’d studied ballet and every other form of dance save tap, which she came to bitterly regret) and our hippie buddies loved it.


Lucifer—bringer of light.

Weishaupt’s “illumination” & Voltaire’s “enlightenment”: from the Latin “lux” meaning light.

Christianity all in 3s (Trinity, etc.) Buddhism in 4s. Illuminism in 5s. A progression?

Hopi teaching: all men have 4 souls now, but in future will have 5 souls. Find an anthropologist for more data on this.

Who decided the Pentagon building should have that particular shape?

“Kick out the Jams”??? Cross-check.

“Adam” the first man; “Weis,” to know; “haupt,” chief or leader. “The first man to be a leader of those who know.” Assumed name from the beginning?

lok-Sotot in Pnakotic manuscripts. Cd. be Yog-Sothoth?

D.E.A.T.H.—Don’t Ever Antagonize The Horn. Does Pynchon know?

Must get Simon to explain the Yellow Sign and the Aklo chants. Might need protection.

C. says the hneophobe type outnumbers us 1000-to-1. If so, all this is hopeless.

What gets me is how much has been out in the open for so long. Not just in Lovecraft, Joyce, Melville, etc., or in the Bugs Bunny cartoons but in scholarly works that pretend to explain. Anybody who wants to go to the trouble can find out, for instance, that the “secret” of the Eleusinian Mysteries was the words whispered to the novice after he got the magic mushroom: “Osiris is a black God!” Five words (of course!) but no historian, archeologist, anthropologist, folklorist, etc. has understood. Or, those who did understand, didn’t care to admit it.

Can I trust C? For that matter, can I trust Simon?

This matter of Tlaloc should convince me, one way or the other.

(“He only thinks of blood and slaughter/The shark should live on land not water.”)

(“To hell with the shark and all his kin/And fight like hell when you see his fin.”)


you rascally rabbit
-The Mgt


Down with the Justified Ancients of MuuMuu!
Rambling rose, rambling rose,
the more you kick it, the more it grows!

I need that energy right now!


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