McCain: If Clinton Wins, We'll Block All Her SCOTUS Nominees


Oh would you look at that. It turns out that the whole idea of there being a “tradition” of not confirming SCOTUS nominees was really just a dumb made-up pretext to avoid confirming the nominees of the opposition.

Shocked I am. The shocking. It is too much.


Real mature.



Sounds like a last-ditch attempt to salvage the Senate majority with a fantasy about being able to keep the court conservative-leaning for four more years. But what if the next vacancy is created by the death of a conservative justice? Now you have a seven-member court with a clear lib/progressive majority. What then, McCain?


How many steps removed from “I don’t think we should have a Supreme Court any more” is this? It seems like this is the only real end game from here…


A ray of light?


The only thing left, naturally, would be to rewrite the constitution – we just need the approval of the Supre---- . Dammit.


I think we need a senility test for aging senators.

Lest anyone think I’m picking on McCain, I’ll offer my own senator, Dianne Feinstein, as a test case.


I find it kind of funny that you chose the word senility when it shares a root with senator. Senators are literally old men.


Not an accident. :wink:


You want to exclude from holding office anyone who can’t think rationally?

But then what do we do with all of the current politicians?


Keep Bernie and Elizabeth Warren and recall the rest to be replaced, obviously.


If McCain had a lick of sense he’d be urging his fellow senators to confirm Garland ASAP, because they sure won’t be getting anyone more to their liking from Hillary.


Counter-proof to your supposition: Sarah Palin, VP candidate.


But who do we replace them with? It’s the Douglas Adams Catch-22: Anyone who wants to be a politician should by no means be allowed to become one.


A good reminder that Trump’s supporters didn’t magically appear in the world, unconnected to anything that came before in the political landscape.


and this is why if your local congresscritter or senator is up for reelection, VOTE!!! If they aren’t doing the job, vote them out!

Though I wish we had term limits for these idiots. Thanks to the gerrymandering and other voter fraud that the GOP pulls, these dipshits can be voted in for life.


Exactly what i told my parents. If one party wins, the other party will go ‘NO! You don’t GET to have nice things!’

Block. Obstruct .Block. Blame for not getting things done. Block. Block. Rider. Rider. Committee hell. Block. BLOCK.

Nevermind the fucking country’s needs. Nevermind what’s good for America. OUR TEAM NEEDS TO SHOW THE OTHER GUYS ARE STUPID AND WRONG!!!


Well, at least that’s in line with their “constitutional originalist” schtick. The Supreme Court is a mostly post-constitutional thing.


When it was George W. Bush’s turn to appoint SCOTUS judges the Senate confirmed both Roberts and Alito within three weeks of their nominations.

One party is more obstructionist than the other.