McCain to Oppose Healthcare Bill

Does anyone else think like I do, that McCain is sticking it to Trump because of Trump’s dissing him during the campaign?


I honestly don’t care why he’s doing it, if it stops 45 & Co from gutting health care.

Hopefully Murkowski and Collins stand firm and don’t flip.


Can’t see why they would. They’ve been building up reputation as principled senators, the adults in the room. Flipping now would wreck that rep, gain no permanent gratitude from the “wreck everything” brigade (let alone Trump), and of course gratuitously screw over their constituents and the rest of America.

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True, but not much of anything makes sense anymore, so I tend to take everything with a big grain of salt…

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Despite my differences with McCain, at the very least, he appears to have some sense of integrity.


Sure, I hear you. But I’m getting extra pleasure from the idea that it’s partly Trump’s big mouth that is causing him to look even more like a fool.

“I like presidents who DON’T look foolish because they can’t keep their promises.”

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Great news, but I can’t help but think our standards have been slipping when simply “not voting to let countless Americans die” counts as an act of outright heroism.


Still not a hero, IMO; it’s just the second time in a day that ‘the broken clock’ is ‘right.’

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It’s the same kind of moral relativism that makes Jaime Lannister a hero, I guess.

Sure he bangs his own sister and threw a child out a window and murdered his own cousin and threatened to shoot a baby from a trebuchet, but he draws the line at letting a madman burn everyone in the capital city to death, dangit.


At some point I’m really gonna have to try watching that show, if only so I can catch all the references.

But anyhoo…

Yeah, ‘the bar’ is so damn low these days, it’s buried 6 feet deep in Death Valley…

No. I think he’d be perfectly willing to vote for this exact bill if they followed Senate procedure the way McCain wants them to.

Maybe. But if they did that, the voters would have more time to let Senators know how they felt. And maybe he wouldn’t vote for it then, either.

I think McCain can have more than one motivation.

I don’t know anyone who has suggested that.

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