McCarthy says he'll oust Ilhan Omar and 2 other Democrats from spots on committees if GOP wins

“We” should include the press, who should be on this like a dog with a bone.


Democrats remove Republicans from committee assignments because they do and say stupid, dangerous shit unbecoming a sitting congressperson.

Republicans remove Democrats from committee assignments because nyah-nyah-nyah-booger!

McCarthy has no real justification for doing this. It’s pure reciprocity and red meat for his voting base.

THIS is why the “both parties are the same” chuckleheads are so infuriating.


I would counter that the GQP are playin’.

They’re just playing a very ugly, dishonest game based entirely on bad faith. But they’re playing it INCREDIBLY well and will continue to win because establishment Dems think “integrity” will save them.

It won’t. The game has been rigged in such a way that playing it safe is the surest way to lose.


If GQP takes over the House, they’re gonna make Trey Goudy and his 13 repeat-on-loop Benghazi “investigations” look tame. Everything the GQP accuses the Democrats of doing, the GQP will actually do. Get ready for 2 years of continuous lies. The GQP will (instead of 1/6) investigate all the “BLM/Antifa riots”, and they’ll do it via many more hearings and for a longer period (so that their noise drowns out any Democratic signal).

In the most abysmal point of this dystopia, McCarthy, as House Speaker, could even call on Trump to address the House (carried by Fox/OAN/Newmax, of course). Can you imagine it? Perhaps McCarthy even coordinates with Trump, to schedule it so as to be maximally counter-productive to Biden’s actual State of the Union. It will feature Trump Ascendant, mimicking Hitler after the Putsch but before the Enabling Act.

And all that will be happening in the middle of them impeaching Biden. There is no way the Democrats can “run up a 2-0 score” on Trump without him trying to even it up. (I’m only surprised we don’t hear Trump talking about it now.) It just makes sense [to Trump]: “Impeach Biden, and I’ll have a better chance in '24. Kevin, this is something you can, and should want to do!”


The Democrats did Nazi that coming. rimshot

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Does the Rubicon exist in a fixed place, or is it a metaphor constructed to suit the political goals of the powerful?


and the centrist dems won’t mind one bit

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He is presuming he will still be Leader; if so, it is doubtful he will remove only three Democrats.
In any case, if the Dems lose the House [or both chambers], Biden will be impeached, just because.
Needless to say, absolutely nothing will get done in Congress, except for multiple Bengahzi hearings & they won’t hesitate to have witnesses hauled up in chains if they dare to ignore supoenas.
We will see whole new levels of Ratfuckery from those assholes.

If I were Pelosi, I would have the locks changed on the offices belonging to all the House members who disputed the election. She should have invoked the 14th Amendment & refused to seat the bastards when this session started a year ago, but she has time to plan the lock-changing for the Easter holiday when they will be on vacation for two weeks.
And when they show up after the break, arrest 'em for trespassing.
Gotta play hardball with these bastards… and the 14th Amendment still applies.


In a sane world that alone would be a political scandal


Let’s see how that pans out… & if see if he gets criminally indicted [and prosecuted]
if he refuses to cooperate. Same goes for Gym Jordan, etc.

So arrest 'em at home, then. Or at their favorite bar. Preferably at 3 a.m.

This, hopefully, would sway Independents.
That, at this point, is the only side that matters. The other ones are dug in pretty deep.

The Elephant in the room is that bloc of non-voters that is damn near half of all potential voters at times & more of this crap won’t sway 'em.

Anecdotally, my own Dear Mother refuses to vote. She hates politics & thinks they are all crooks… despite my attempts to Clear Matters Up & explaining the differences between firecrackers and hand grenades.

This might be our best option to Clean House.

Power matters more than policy

Or are already doing.

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