McCarthy says he'll oust Ilhan Omar and 2 other Democrats from spots on committees if GOP wins

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God, it is still so touch and go. I hope we can look back on this in a few years and say, “Well, it was a crazy ride, but we survived.”


I have to admire “inaccurately said”. That’s high-quality.


More reason to start subpoena’ing members of Congress who aided and abetted the 1/6 lynch mob. They start ignoring them, we start jailing them.


You cannot arrest or imprison a member of congress while on the way to a session, in session , or on the way home from a session.



…and? I kinda figured this was the assumption.


Christ, still an asshole.


I wish more Democrats were fully awake. Same with the “liberal media”. These people mean to do real harm to their perceived “enemies”. It’s all about revenge and spitefulness.


We honestly NEED to start calling this hypocrisy out. Green was removed from his committee assignments for extreme good reasons - such as being a direct threat to her colleagues. Omar has not threatened anyone once since she’s been in office. Being taken off a committee the crime of checks notes doing one’s job is not acceptable and we should say as much when McCarthy spouts off dumb shit like this. The more we call this shit out and point out the hypocrisy, the more light is shed on what is actually happening with our politics. That’s pretty much the only way we’re going to crawl out of this mess.


True that. It’s really hard to not roll my eyes at the horrible shit I expect from these guys. It kinda is what they want. That was what the entire Trump administration was, fatigue over horrible.

I suppose it really is the Shock Doctrine but used on us now.


I don’t think they will help.
Unfortunately you don’t really have another option.


How about being taken off a committee for not being a “real American” or “Having a funny sounding name” or “being a woman” or “being brown” or “being an awesome target because my idiot base will believe that I’m fighting the Muslim infiltration of our Christian government”? Because that’s what it really is.


You can sure as hell 14th Amendment them. After McCarthy’s panicked phone call with 45, what did he do to protect Congress from the Trumpsurrection, once he knew no one was coming to save them? What did he do afterwards, to cover the Trumpsurrectionists asses? He blocked testimony, he downplayed it publicly, he refused to testify about that phone call itself.

In other words, he gave aid and comfort to insurrection against the US. He should not even be allowed to run for Congress or any federal or state office.


I keep thinking that the problem with democracy isn’t the fact that people don’t vote because they don’t give a shit. The problem is that people do vote in spite of not giving a shit. We just need to make sure that people who do give a shit outnumber those who don’t give a shit at the voting booth.


I’m not so sure.

A new poll estimates that 30% of voters at least somewhat agree that the rioters on the 6th were patriots. This includes 48% of republicans (hopefully, 52% do not). Regardless, they suggest that 30% of voters are basically over the cliff right now (this includes some registered Democrats). Positive views of the rioters also appear to correlate with believing violence is acceptable against your political opponents.

I bring this up because living in Trump country I often come in contact with idiots that hold these sentiments. I’ll repeat, they are lazy idiots and usually talking shit (for every rioter at the capital there was probably 100’s across the capitol too lazy to go, but liked to pretend they would have).

What I find most troublesome is the 52% of republicans who admit the breach of the capitol was bad, but not bad enough to question their support of the republican party. They truly believe the democratic party to be such a threat, that an open attack on the democratic system basically gets a shrug.

Right now there is no move, however vile, republican voters will hold their leaders accountable to. And while I too hope that getting the word out on their awfulness makes a difference with swing voters and the like, by the time elections kick into high gear the entire process becomes a personality driven realty tv show.

I mean, Dr. Oz is running for Senate in my state. An Clay Akin just jumped in for congress. The stupifcation is coming along quite well. :face_vomiting:



Doesn’t mean we should lie to appease.


A smarter politician would have waited until after his party won the House to institute this retaliatory purge meant to save his bacon. McCarthy continues to strike me as a dumb guy; maybe not Gohmert stupid, but still dumb.

That’s the expected number, yes. Wt-30% of the electorate in any country is always going to support the most most authoritarian and hateful party/ideology/candidate on offer. The challenge is to make sure the Know-Nothings don’t call the shots for everyone else. That’s why voting rights reform in the U.S. is so critical right now.


The Dem establishment is either asleep at the wheel or complicit. The GQP ain’t playin’.


I note that “punch a Nazi” is conspicuously absent from that list. Just saying.

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