McDonalds bans unmasked customers "in areas with high or substantial transmission"

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Prepare for “Patriots” to bum-rush McDonald’s stores protesting “Muh rights” in 3…2…1…


A food food joint concerned about the health of its customers?


So they’re going to give the minimum wage workers in those communities a sock full of pennies and nickels each to protect themselves from unhinged trumpers?


Then they would have to pass the cost of those pennies and nickels onto the customer! (/s)

They’ll probably just tell workers, “Go ahead and serve the unmasked without a fuss, and go ahead and do whatever you want with their food while you’re at it.”


The masks will continue to be more contentious in the U.S. than the vaccines. Masks are, at their core, an altruistic public health measure (we wear them to protect others) meant to help preserve societal institutions (e.g. not overwhelming hospitals). After 40 years of neoliberal/Libertarian/Objectivist propaganda convincing at least a third of the population that altruism is for suckers, that government will always fail, and that there’s no such thing as society, the reaction to masks in the U.S. isn’t surprising.*

So any chance of enforcing this public health measure is left up to self-interested for-profit corporations, which (as with content moderation) are wont to cut so many corners as to make enforcement of such a mandate either impossible or dangerous to employees.

[* and that’s before you get to the Q-nuts who believe that the masks signify knowing or unknowing membership in a (((Satanic))) paedophile cult]



Here’s the question I have- what should the policy be in drive-throughs? Do customers have to be masked in face-to-face transactions, even though in most situations there’s some distance between the customer and the employee, and usually a piece of plexiglass?

I would think that, at most fast-food locations in hotspots, the predominant number of transactions are occurring in the drive-through, and that should be the focus of McDonald’s policies on customer interactions. And yet, it’s been over a year, and I’ve never heard of any restaurant setting drive-through rules.



I ALWAYS wear a mask in drive thrus. Also, during the first several waves, we saw messaging asking drive thru customers to mask.


Some drive-thrus I’ve been to have installed blowers between the vehicle and window. Seems like a clever solution given what has been observed for outdoor transmission vs indoors.


I feel so bad for the workers who are going to be asked to enforce this. If McDonald’s thought they were having trouble hiring before…

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