Infuriated NY shoppers scream at woman for not wearing mask

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Ah New York, brings back memories.


To be fair, she might just be a Manhattanite in Brooklyn.


Frozen … pasta?


Staten Island.


So surreal that there’s simultaneously mask shaming for a lack (NY) and mask shaming for use (North Dakota). Where does the social political watershed line lie? (Ohio?)


The other day I was grabbing coffee out and I was wearing a mask.

A woman came into the store I was in with her look like 8 year old daughter neither of them wearing masks.

As I was leaving I politely asked her why she wasn’t wearing one and she proceeded to tell me “it’s my choice it’s my right”

I then proceeded to tell her over a hundred thousand people are dead and she is adding to the problem with her idea of what her rights are as there is a legal lockdown on people entering businesses without masks in PA.

I see a lot of these people around where I live there are just a lot of people that don’t fucking care about the rest of humanity at all and the sooner the rest of us realize that at a fundamental level I’m not sure anything can be done but just realize there are a lot of our citizens that really just don’t give a shit about anyone else but them.


Pfff. Newark?


I agree with their sentiment, but not sure that is really helping the cause?


Even if all people are masked, some people are wearing the wrong mask.
If you are wearing a N95 and it has a valve in the front, you’re part of the problem,
since all your exhaled air is unfiltered.


In Staten Island no less. NYC’s Trump territory.


Yeah, I have a reusable N95 “ish” mask with 2 breathe valves (for laser cutting). I was using it for covid for a few days before I checked with the manufacturer, and turns out it indeed won’t protect anyone else. A pity because it was pretty comfy. So I’ve switched to the less comfortable and less attractive (my reusable version has awesome flames and such) “real” NX95 with no valves.


Does shouting in a cloth mask shed more virus than simply breathing normally without a mask?


It shouldn’t, but as with everything else, it depends on the material and fitment of the mask.


I agree with the premise, but how much worse is it than a surgical style mask made out of materials that don’t filter anywhere near as well in the first place and that isn’t sealed around the face? How does the amount of air escaping via the valve (which isn’t all of it) compare to the amount of air escaping around the sides of home made mask (or bandana) that most people are wearing? It would be interesting to see the results of a particulate test and how much spread there is by comparison.

I’d say it’s still better than those that wear their mask below their nose or no mask at all.


I wish more ® thought this way.

Staten Island.

Even worse.

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I think there were three key problems.

The first was that most researchers were looking at the wrong question – how well a mask protects the wearer from infection and not how well a mask prevents an infected person from spreading the virus. Masks function very differently as personal protective equipment (PPE) versus source control.

Masks are very good at blocking larger droplets and not nearly as good at blocking tiny particles. When a person expels droplets into the air, they quickly evaporate and shrink to become tiny airborne particles called droplet nuclei. These are extremely hard to remove from the air. However, in the ■■■■■ atmosphere between a person’s mouth and their mask, it takes nearly a hundred times as long for a droplet to evaporate and shrink into a droplet nuclei.

This means that nearly any kind of simple cloth mask is great for source control. The mask creates humidity, this humidity prevents virus-containing droplets from turning into droplet nuclei, and this allows the fabric of the mask to block the droplets.

Unfortunately, nearly all of the research that was available at the start of this pandemic focused on mask efficacy as PPE. This measure is very important for protecting health care workers, but does not capture their value as source control. On Feb. 29, the U.S. surgeon general tweeted that masks “are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus.” This missed the key point: They are extremely effective at preventing its spread, as our review of the literature showed.


yeah- youre alone on that buddy.

I don’t particularly care for other people who feel like risking my life while I try to protect theirs by I wearing a mask.


There you go.