Gentleman has huge fit when denied at Trader Joe's for mask rules, muscles his way inside anyway

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I’ve yet to see any REAL data on “disabilities” that prevent masks. I mean, there are disabilities like that, but they also tend to restrict you from going to such places in the first place. Then to have the audacity to claim such a thing to merely go shopping… sigh


And the odds of him and his two kids also having a disability that prevents mask usage?

I’m sorry but being an asshole isn’t a medical condition.


Sure are a lot of bullies accosting the poor employees at Trader Joe’s. All you Karens, grab your camera phones and pile on!


Yells at employees just doing their jobs, “you are harassing me!”

Bonus points for the “I’m here with my children” shield, which means, “I’m using my children as a manipulative object and I’m willing to traumatize them for my personal issues.”

At least he was nice enough to identify himself so Trader Joe’s can issue a trespass order.


Gentleman has huge fit when denied at Trader Joe’s for mask rules, muscles his way inside anyway

Gentleman? You keep using that word…


Nothing honest I can say about this person that won’t draw a flag.


It seems highly likely the exact same gentleman asserts that private businesses have a right, nay, a duty, to discriminate against other people (especially teh gays, and also people who sag their pants), just not him.


On BB, “gentleman” is a euphemism for asshole, as you surely know by now…


I’ll bet he has some interesting views on the vaccines.

It’s going to be a long time before we stop seeing videos of these “champions of freedom”.


It makes me wonder about the Before Times and the post-pandemic world. What led these folks to vent their outrage in public before, and what will be their new cause after masks are no longer necessary?*

I hope we’ll reach that point.


I had this great idea to make a shirt that says “IGNORANT and PROUD OF IT” as an ironic comment on people like this. Except that these same people would buy it and proudly wear it.

I sometimes wonder how we ever got this far, and then I have to remember that social progress is not a linear progression, but a series of waves. This downward slope is not permanent - I might live to see it go the other way in awhile…


The gentleman doesn’t seem to be suffering from diminished lung capacity.

Those poor children. Unfortunately they don’t appear to be old enough to be embarrassed by this behaviour, which might teach them a better lesson than the one Dad is trying to impart.


“What led these folks to vent their outrage in public before, and what will be their new cause after masks are no longer necessary?”

Coupons. They always complain about coupons.


I would look for him in Jan. 6th footage. Anyone who would breach a Trader Joe’s would try to breach the capitol too.


The ‘punishment’ should be civics classes. You can be kicked out of anywhere that isn’t a public property by the proprietor.
Also, LOL that cocaine sale argument…


The kinds of disabilities that would prevent someone from wearing a mask would include various lung ailments, such as asthma, emphysema, and conditions that reduce the transfer of oxygen to the blood; and autoimmune disorders.

All of these are conditions that would virtually sentence you to death should you get infected with COVID. Leaving a HEPA-filtered home environment would be risky. Not wearing a mask would be suicidal.

Therefore anyone in a public place claiming to be so disabled such that they can’t wear a mask is either lying or dying.

It seems to me that since these maskless gentlemen are obviously not liars that stores should assign them a health guide during their visits. This would be an employee or volunteer wearing a face shield, safety vest, and a flashing light; carrying six foot measuring sticks, a beeper, and a spray can of aerosol disinfectant. They would be responsible for spritzing the air in their path, loudly grabbing the attention of everyone nearby, and directing them safely away from these poor, disabled, maskless souls.

Something like “Stay away! Leper! Outcast! Unclean!” only less tasteful.


As in, “Christ, what a gentleman”. :slight_smile:


it’s been my subjective observation as a psychotherapist that this is why 98% of people have children.


I hate it that the former president made wearing masks in a pandemic a political shibboleth. Christ what a gentleman.