McDonald's offers "brass knuckles" in edgy collab

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Without a palm grip they’d make shitty brass knuckles. Good way to break your own fingers.


I learned doing citizen-lobbying for the Climate during a DC rainstorm a few years back that umbrellas with finger-fitting handholds, for sale at 7-11s around the area, are technically considered knuckle-duster type weapons and are illegal to possess within the District, and not allowed into House office buildings by Capitol Police… who weren’t willing to let me discard one with them, and no trash cans were on the street nearby as a security measure. Fortunately a passing cabbie was happy to get the gift of a free umbrella.

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Guess that’s what they mean by knuckle sandwich


Huh. Are we sure it’s not a sword-play sex toy?

Bada badahda… I’m thugging it…

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You deserve a break today… ♫


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