McDonalds open-sauced the Big Mac recipe


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Always thought the sauce was just straight thousand island dressing.


Big Macs taste like cardboard with thousand island sauce, pickles and cheese-optional.


Yes but thousand-island dressing is delicious. It can even mask a McDonalds burger.


What a good idea to “open sauce” the Big Mac! I almost feel hungry for one though I still want the “100% beef” source code. OR DO I??


Yes. Yes, they are, on both counts.

Interesting that it isn’t actually just thousand-island dressing; no tomato or ketchup at all. Just mayo, pickle, vinegar, and spices.



drum roll, rim shot.


I just can’t get over watching a how-to cooking video produced by a company that exists to serve people who don’t want to cook.



I would disagree. I like Thousand Island dressing but the sauce used in the big mac doesn’t taste the same to me.

And man, i might try making the sauce sometime. It’s really the only reason i occasionally eat there. I get cravings for the big mac. But i’d rather have it on a better quality burger.


I was unaware of this distinction, and I’m perfectly comfortable with that.


I like how clearly he summarizes the cooking concepts exemplified by each precisely named and exemplified Big Mac component. The lettuce for moisture, the paprika for color … the middle bun is the club and the top bun is the crown. :smiley_cat:

Cat burgers, @Felton and @buffy? :crying_cat_face:


Poison at the end of the day, well is still poison.


McDonalds missed out on selling ‘authentic big mac sauce’ to people that wouldn’t otherwise buy mcdonalds because of the ‘quality’ meat.

That stuff on a proper home grilled burger with onion and bell pepper fine chopped into the meat is probably gonna taste awesome.

Assuming the sauce doesn’t overpower everything else.

Then again I’m the guy that’ll buy a jar of mild salsa to mix into the hamburger meat.


I guess it depends what you qualify as Thousand Island Dressing?

“Secret sauce” instructions @ 0:35…


I took a look at the bottle of Thousand Island in the house and did a little poking around online, and it looks like all of the major salad dressing labels use tomato sauce as a major ingredient; quick homemade thousand-island is typically just a combination of tartar sauce and ketchup. McD’s doesn’t use any tomato, which is interesting. I’d always assumed it was just their tartar sauce plus ketchup.


Yeah, if nothing else, this video has changed the way I’ll make thousand island dressing in the future.

Using ketchup probably started as just a quick way to get the vinegar and spices in there.


Why would someone try to make a MacDonald’s burger at home???

  1. To improve a childhood treat by using your own meat, veg, etc. Taking something tasty and kicking it up a bit.
  2. Because it’s fun! Same reason people enjoy recreating Oreos, Popeye’s chicken, or an Orange Julius.


Big mac sauce is a huge part of why I love Big Macs. I’ve had “imitation” macs in many places, but it’s interesting how the specific combination of not only tastes, but textures and ratios matter. If you replace the burger patties with something larger (say, one large patty and no middle bun), you could get the flavours dead-on but it won’t satisfy one’s “mac” craving properly.

As I’ve recreated childhood dishes over the years, that’s really been a surprise - “better”, isn’t always somehow. :slight_smile: