McDonalds testing new Chicken McNugget, with 32 ingredients presumably including chicken


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I wonder if the 32 includes all the hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and synthetic fertilizer that’s in the chicken.


You have won the internets for today :joy:


It also ran a marketing campaign in late 2014 called “Our food. Your questions,” in which it enlisted former “MythBusters” co-host Grant Imahara to debunk myths surrounding McDonald’s food.

This campaign is riddled with massive downplaying and at times misinformation to some of the ingredients/additives. They only hired a former Mythbuster in order to have an air of credibility, which doesn’t really work since Imahara reading of the script comes across as forced.


It’s a change in the right direction. The demand for chicken that McD’s has is probably yuuuge. I’d like to see them go more than a half-measure, though. Fried chicken chunks don’'t need 32 ingredients.



Don’t be silly, there’s all that and mystery sauce to enhance your eating enjoyment.



Lysol? Spic 'n Span? Mr. Clean? Fairy? Dreft? Tide? Comet? Throw me a bone, Rob.


How many of those ingredients do you think they are adding just because it’s fun to add more ingredients?


I just made the mistake of looking up KFC’s popcorn chicken for comparison. Welp, wont be eating that again.


it seems the ingredient count is less than 32

McDonald’s declined to provide the full list of ingredients for the overhauled McNuggets. The current recipe listed on the McDonald’s website contains 32 individual ingredients, a figure that includes the oil in which the product is fried.


Most ingredients that’re added beyond basic fried chicken ingredients are being added for some operational compromise reason rather than to make fried chicken chunks.

Like, if cheap chicken + cheap preservative + shipping is $ < decent chicken from a local provider sans preservative, you’ve got unnecessary ingredients born out of operational compromise. It’s only “fun” in the sense that your shareholders are happy and keep giving you money because you’ve cut corners to save money. And that’s kind of all the fun that McD’s is permitted to have.


Which ingredients do you object to? None of them look that sinister to me.


They do fail the Michael Pollan test, however, in that several of the ingredients are not “food.”

Not that any fast food would really pass that test, o’course.


Like, if cheap chicken + cheap preservative + shipping is $ < decent
chicken from a local provider sans preservative, you’ve got unnecessary
ingredients born out of operational compromise.

They haven’t released the list of ingredients yet, so that’s all speculation.

I’d be surprised if any of the ingredients are there to compensate for cheap raw chicken. I think you are right about operational constraints though.


I’d rather not ingest the Sodium Aluminum Phosphate.


I still miss the old recipe before they started making them “all white meat”. They’re just not the same.

Although, the last time I ate McDonald’s was Nov 2, 2015. And I don’t remember the last time before that, maybe after a night of drinking.


No, that’s typically lumped under natural and artificial flavors.


That reminds me: has anyone looked at the nutritional content of modern eggs lately? I did, and it’s only slightly better than a serving of chips.

This is doubly sad: GMO magic has turned eggs into near-junkfood,
and impoverished people have long relied upon eggs for a cheap, effective source of nutrition.
I guess soy will have to come to the rescue. Until that gets GMO’d into garbage too.


You probably breathe in more aluminum every time you walk by the powdered aluminum shop (NO SMOKING) than you would ingest from a year’s worth of McNuggets. I know I do, since my annual McNugget consumption is zero.

and asymptotically approaching zero amortized over my lifetime