McSweeney's doesn't want you to forget Trump's atrocities


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It’s a drag to see, honestly, but I’m glad someone is keeping track.


considering the rate at which he commits them, i don’t see how they will ever catch up.


The fact that this is one in a long list of attempts to catalog the horrors of the Trump admin is something of a microcosm of the internet age. Such an overwhelming amount of information, that the efforts to curate are invaluable. And of course the meta-curation, whereby boingboing helps to sort through the various curation efforts…


To be a fly on the wall during the attempts to narrow the list down to just 112.


Wonder if they are working on a pre-2011 list as well. That kind of project can kill your soul.


I find myself marveling it took them this long just to cover his first two months in office? It’s going to be a long two more years, even with a blue wave.


If newspeak is ever going to take hold, we need to start somewhere.


Next up: McSweeney’s Cult45 Bingo Cards. Collect 'em all.

(Seen elsewhere as an antidote, “Resistance Bingo Cards”)

Before you start game play, have your bags packed and ready, because by the time it’s your turn to shout “bingo!” it may be far too late to leave for safer territory.

Then the term “the resistance” will take on a larger, more dire meaning.

Rest in power, Mr. Roenneberg.

Thanks McSweeney’s, you are tied for first place with The Onion in keeping it real while keeping it darkly funny. We laugh to keep from crying.


I find McSweeney’s has been a little one-note for the last two years. But that’s the times we live in, alas.


This mornings news… Truump ‘approval’ rating is now 47%.
Highest it’s ever been. WTF?


As dRumph (aka Cadet Bonespurs) has said repeatedly - don’t believe everything you see or read…


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