Médecins Sans Frontières is on the front lines of the Mexican drug war

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These guys are really brave. I have contributed financially to them for some years now. I believe it is a very well spent money.


Back when we had enough income to donate to charities, MSF was our first choice. In a world being ruined by greed and selfishness, the doctors of MSF are true heroes.


We’re big supporters of MSF too. As an organization, they are amazing.

It’s not just the bravery of the physicians, but also the nurses, midwifes, support staff, etc. It’s that they hire a lot of locals around the world to help. Lots of them. They are also super innovative. They came up with the mid-upper-arm circumference tool to measure malnutrition in children. They created the ready-to-use therapeutic food to help get nutrients back into the patient safely and quickly. And recently I learned about how they created these big rig trailers that can be put together in the field to quickly set up sterile operating rooms, complete with recovery areas and everything that’s needed.

They’re also pretty bad ass about going after drug companies for not making drugs available at affordable prices.

No government funding, so they can do The Right Thing.

I could go on.

Last year, I took the family to their traveling exhibition, Forced From Home, so I could show my softy kids how crappy some people find themselves in, especially kids, no fault of their own. Not sure how far it penetrated, but I made sure the exposure happened.

I’m proud to have their back. Truly, I’m humbled by what they do, and how they do it. @SeamusBellamy Thanks for highlighting MSF here.


There aren’t many causes I am more eager to give to. And the French bumper sticker confuses rednecks.


If you’re looking for a charity to contribute to, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one more worthwhile.

If you’re looking for a humanitarian organisation to work for, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one more challenging and rewarding.


Jeff (been there, done that, got the t-shirt)


Wow, I bet! I read all the stuff they send us, it’s always full of first person accounts from people in the field. I find it fascinating. I’ve also sat in on the webinars they host (last one I was on was with the president of the board of directors, Dr. John Lawrence) and hear about what it’s like in the field, being part of MSF and all. I also spoke to the staff during our visit to the Forced From Home exhibit. IIRC, our guide was part of a logistics team who’s been going out for many years. I have this idea that it’s gotta be one helluva exhausting adrenaline rush for a straight 3+ months. Maybe kinda like going out on a tour of duty to a battleground. Except, like, with an opposite agenda.

@jra If you have any write ups about your experiences, I’d love to check them out.

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Northwestern?, Guerrero is a south-central state.

State of Guerrero within Mexico
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Having said that, it is a shame what has been going on on many states in Mexico. We are grateful that MSF are able to help, and hopefully we’ll be able to take control and reduce the violence that has become endemic in many parts of our country.

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