Meet "Dr. Kitty," the teenager who performed unlicensed cosmetic surgery from her basement

It’s an interesting question. There are obviously cases where the answer is yes - if I were booked for surgery but the surgeon just sticks a knife in my guts and runs out, that’s pretty clearly assault and/or attempted murder. I’m not sure what tangle of laws parses out licensing and competence criteria to distinguish malpractice vs practicing medicine without a licence vs assault.

The wikipedia page for Practicing Without a Licence doesn’t provide any useful info, but does contain this passage that I found charming:

Victor Frankenstein, though often incorrectly referred to as a doctor, is only a medical student, and as such operated on his monster without a license. Prior to its vivification, Frankenstein and his assistant Igor were also acting as unlicensed morticians.

Hence, the basement.


“There was a little complication with my complication.”



Definitely it could be. There are things you aren’t allow to consent to. You can’t consent to being killed (well, with medically assisted suicide I guess you kind of can, but only if the person killing you has the appropriate qualifications). I actually doubt you can consent to having a non-medical professional cut you open. In Canada I know you can’t even consent to being choked. But I agree with @TooGoodToCheck_ that it’s a legal “tangle”.

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