Meet "Dr. Kitty," the teenager who performed unlicensed cosmetic surgery from her basement

You are talking about the user that used to be known as ForeheadSpore.


just stopped in to make a “Dr. Kitty” & Labiaplasty joke.

Sadly, it is not funny. it is sad and horrible.

who the F says “I don’t like me, … make my ladybusiness look ~ different”???

crap, end of our species in view… :frowning: we have failed.

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Looks like Wang really screwed her patients. The cat is out of the bag on this one. She really thought she had the purrfect con


There probably are some people who get cosmetic surgery out of neurosis, self-loathing, or else to conform to others’ standards of appearance. But those are not the only kinds of motivations. Some think of it as self-as-sculpture, that modifying one’s body means “taking ownership” of it, and is as such an empowering gesture. The aesthetics of nature and artifice can both be valid.


Spend some time philosophizing about what surgeons do. They take a knife and cut you with it. They might break your bones–ON PURPOSE! They reach into your body and manipulate and mutilate your innards. It’s a profound assault; but we’re all OK with it.

This is a pretty amazing social contract at work. We have all agreed that it’s OK to cut people up with knives in certain circumstances. No criminal charges will be filed. Utterly bizarre.

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This is basically why you have to sign that form before they cut you open.
However, I do fail to see what is supposed to be bizarre about it.
If I need surgery, I get it.


Yeah, except when you go to the doctor, it’s not Super Glue, it’s Dermabond! (Both are cyanoacrylate-based glues, but the medical one has a bactericide and slightly different chemical makeup to not burn your skin and be less brittle. But they aren’t really that much different for sure.)


That sort of sounds like a difference that makes a difference, though, y’know?

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zis guy, or Ziz guy?


“Breast enlargement without surgery by the laying on of hands. 100% natural!”

I was told, when they were gluing my shin back together, that the main difference was that the medical super glue lacked preservatives, so that it would eventually rot away.


You would be surprised. Most are poor, have little formal education and are marginalized. Hookers and transsexuals make the majority of the market on shady cosmetic procedures. They know exactly what they’re doing.


In Ontario, they’d still have an OHIP card, unless completely not in the system.

I’m not sure to what extent OHIP is going to cover elective surgery. My guess is that for most things that are deemed cosmetic, you’d have to pay out of pocket.

Because how will other people know how big your wang is if they can’t look at how small and pointy your dog’s ears are?

In all seriousness, I think the original purpose was so that fighting dogs wouldn’t have big ears that their opponents could grab onto or tear off. Nowadays it’s just image, so the owners look tough.

And just an FYI: I never did cropping myself, only repair of horribly mutilated dogs…


I’ll never understand why people do this. It seems so cruel and pointless to me. Same goes for docking, too.

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Zis guy:

(The username of the person I was replying to was Gag Helfrunt, who is Zaphod’s psychiatrist in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and whenever he’s asked about Zaphod, his response “aaah, he’s just zis guy, you know?”)

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Yep! We use “cyanoacrylate”, AKA superglue. But it’s medical grade superglue, so it’s kinda pricey… Although you’re usually paying a lot more for the doctor’s time that’s applying said superglue, so there’s that as well.

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Hi Doctor Nick!

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Can it be considered assault if you go there voluntarily and pay for it?