Meet the "creator" of Bitcoin

BB should fact-check all cryptozoology stories.

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I’m with you on that one. It’s not like either Satoshi or Nakamoto are particularly uncommon names. I’d bet it’s an alias picked for it’s commonness (i.e. he could just have easily picked a different “generic” name like Haruki Ito or Satou Yamamoto…). Hiding in plain sight, and this guy pays the price for the confluence of a good trick, a common name, and an unethical reporter.

If he were Vietnamese, I’d have suggested going with Minh Nguyen. Korean, Min-jun Kim… You get the picture.

Most amazing thing about this? A must-read article in Newsweek.

It’s like 1952 all over again.

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Exactly. He’s not a public figure, and not publicly accountable for anything. There is no ‘public interest’ (as opposed to public prurience) in revealing his identity, and no justification for this story.

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That… seems to be completely untrue. Plenty of people have made real fortunes off of Bitcoins, and have that fortune now in real money, not Bitcoins.

I’m guessing you probably couldn’t sell $400M overnight, or without affecting the price, of course. But you could sell $500K in one day without it being a blip in the bucket.

I thought it was believed that Nakamoto was some white geek who was using a Japanese name because his cultural touchstones were still stuck in the 1980s when Japan and cyberpunk were cool rather than played out.


I disagree with this. He’s most definitely a public figure. He wrote a whitepaper on Bitcoin, used the technology to self mine over 1,000,000 coins for himself, and then helped push it into production and use. On the whitepaper, he signed his own name. He was found by someone looking for a Satoshi Nakamoto.

Nobody “revealed his identity”, someone just looked up Satoshi Nakamoto. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah. Not to in any way defend Newsweek’s behavior, but if Nakamoto hadn’t reserved a ton of Bitcoins and kept them to cash in on later, his outing wouldn’t be anything like as much of an issue. His worst problem would probably be getting too much fan mail.

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What exchange are you going to use today to convert those coins into Dollars? Even back in the day Mt. Gox had strict limits on withdraws.

Really? I can’t believe he had Billions… It may be of interest to you that $400M now is equivalent to at most a $400 investment close to the start.

I know this, because I came this close to mining in the first few months… but jumped to some other interesting project and forgot about it.

It’s not a matter of whether he can, in fact, easily convert his stash into dollars. It’s a matter of whether some criminals might think it’s possible.

He could turn ONE coin into $600 :stuck_out_tongue:

“The punctuation in the proposal is also consistent with how Dorian S. Nakamoto writes, with double spaces after periods and other format quirks.”

I’m not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work, there, Lou.

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Double spaces after periods? I think I might be Nakamoto then.


Re-read the article.

The police were called to the house because a phone call from a citizen. The police questioned the inter loper,

“So, what is it you want to ask this man about”

At that point, our intrepid reporter almost certainly described the story she was working on. No prior knowledge of Bitcoin on the part of Temple City police required.

You do know that quotes in news articles are edited versions of the conversation, not direct transcripts, right?

Journalists have started to gather at the house:

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I’ve been enjoying all the people telling me bitcoin is dead because of the recent hacks, etc. - I just tell them that I agree and we should also shut down US currency because of all the major hacks at stores like Target, etc., etc., etc.

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I should hope that the actual parts in quotes are direct transcripts though. And the direct quote attributed to that cop, even if there was a bunch of explanation from the reporter before that, still sounds like an unlikely response.

Not in my personal experience, sadly…