Mega Mobile Merger: $26 billion Sprint and T-Mobile deal to be approved by Justice Department on Friday

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Great, I had Sprint, my cell phone didn’t work in my house. They sent me a box that was basically call over Wi-Fi but it only worked if the 4G was turned off on my phone. Their opinion was that even though I was paying for 4G, it didn’t matter if I was getting it. Then they proceeded to lie to me and tell me that the 4G band for my phone wasn’t even offered in my neighborhood. They had no answers when I directed them to the Sprint website, had them select my phone (which was only a year old and still for sale by Sprint), and enter my address and get a map saying that the 4G band coverage extended for 10 miles in every direction. The whole thing was a fucking nightmare.

So I switched to T-Mobile, which so far has been great.

But the most likely outcome of this merger is that T-Mobile will become more like Sprint, not the other way around.


Actually no…even though this is billed as a merger, in reality it’s an acquisition. John Legere will be running the show with hardly any Sprint executives staying on. Not to say both organizations won’t change but the DNA going forward will be 100% T-Mobile.


So is Sprint-Mobile, their ancillaries and Verizon all the US has to choose from?

Verizon and AT&T are #1 and #2 respectively by a large margin. T-Mo and Sprint currently #3 and 4.

Regardless if the merger happens or not, the US wireless market will continue to consolidate into monopoly/duopoly. Neither T-Mobile or Sprint are financially capable of sustaining themselves much longer on their own.

The two together can suck twice as hard.



Great. I had T-Mobile. Their service sucked. Now I have sprint and it’s much better.

Maybe we’ll both have good coverage now!

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Depends on what part of the spectrum they’ll sell off in certain markets.

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