Megachurch pastor sorry for rubbing spit all over man's face during sermon

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Wow. Now I’m really not looking forward to the second coming of Jesus!

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Megachurch pastors all apparently follow an 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Be a Thoroughgoing Arsehole.




Not sure what is being forgiven there, but I’m guessing one of the more commonly broken promises.


I disagree with the entire premise, but I think the fact that he didn’t realize that it would have had a significantly different impact with his audience if he had been the victim rather than the perpetrator just shows he isn’t in a mindset to follow Jesus’ teachings, so he probably shouldn’t be preaching them.


“Receiving vision from God might get nasty,”

Mmmm, somebody’s got some something something for somebody.

P.S. God doesn’t exist.


take the blind dude to the three-eyed cow.
throw the preacher out in the street.

I don’t think he’s all that interested in following Jesus’ teachings.
Its all about the money with those guys.

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I missed the part in Sunday school where the son of god hawks a loogie and smears it in someone’s face before he walked on water or turned water to wine.

I probably would have gotten into the same trouble questioning this as I did when I asked why the creator of the universe needs me to tithe.

Puking a bit after taking Peyote is normal, so…

Doesn’t slow these grifters down one bit.
They play Joel Osteen commercials on t.v. all the damn time & not once have I ever heard him mention Jesus.
Just can’t imagine why… /s


Don’t expectorate it too soon.


Perhaps it was a token of a lot of respect?

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First impression was wondering if this was some kind of kink thing - but then it said he was his brother, so I hope not. O_O

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So it’s a double kink thing, then.

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