Megyn Kelly endears her fans by trying to shame Naomi Osaka

What the fuck is wrong with people? Why do they feel entitled to interviews and shit? Can’t she just do her job without being harassed? Man, people are jerks…


I dunno. Naomi Osaka probably has an idea, though. It’s not for us to consider.


Because there may be contractual obligations? I’m not excusing it at all, but it’s not like these elite athletes do their competitions, hit the showers, and drop by Dunkin’ on the drive home for an iced coffee. When they’re off the court, there’s likely an entire choreographed process of events that have been scheduled and planned and need to be completed.

Again, not excusing it at all, but none of this should be a surprise.


For many leagues there are. The NFL was essentially built on television. The pacing of the game, the way time-out rules are adapted to TV commercials and the obligation to address the press are all baked into team and player obligations.


One of the many reasons why I don’t bother with twitter.



“Men girl”?

what an asshole, whoever she is


Another successful day for Megyn Kelly in the clickbait mines.

She left NBC with her $69 million contract intact, and currently has some podcast deal with SiriusXM, which I can now confidently say I’ll never subscribe to.

I’m trying to be a little more proactive about this kind of thing (or maybe I’m just screaming into the void) so if you want to call SiriusXM’s customer care line to tell them what you think, their number is 1-866-635-5027 (from Contact Us | SiriusXM).


Given the caliber of so many of the questions, e.g., “In that moment, when you made that huge game losing error, what were you feeling right then???” I’m kind of surprised any of them agree to to the press conferences at all. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Megyn Whatever is one of those people i literally never think about until someone mentions her and my life is immensely improved when i don’t have to be exposed to her bullshit.


Yeah, I’m a performer, & I prefer not to talk to people after performing. I feel like I already gave it my all & there’s not much left.


I think it’s like calling oneself a “guys’ girl,” as in “guys like me (& I like them) better than other women do.” Sorry for the hatebook link but Pamela Adlon really does say it all here:


This makes the second media personality to talk trash about a talented Japanese athlete in the past week.

Last week a numbskull had the nerve to attack Shohei Ohtani for using interpreters for press conferences. Saying it was bad for baseball. As if Japanese players (who do not necessarily speak English with native fluency) have not been a thing for over 20 years!

Fox News is the mouthpiece of racists to begin with. So a mixed race Asian/African American athlete of note is just one step too far for those (insert favorite expletive here).


Kimi Räikkönen is a Finnish F1 driver who famously hates the inane questions from the F1 media. He shows up and gives the shortest, most banal answers possible. Somehow, he’s been able to turn that into a public persona that everybody loves—including the F1 media. If a Megyn Kelly equivalent ever tried to attack Kimi, it would likely be a public-career-ending move.

It’s too bad (and possibly racism and/or sexism?) that Ms. Osaka is not being afforded the same level of admiration and understanding for wanting to do something similar to what Kimi has built a personal brand around.


Yes, the NFL media access policy gave us gems like this. I love that he did this, but I hate that he had to.
super bowl football GIF


Why does Megyn Kelly care, what is the point in her tweet except to stir shit up?

How is that supposed to be a good thing?

Is shitting on a stranger over some tidbit in their personal life a world changing action?

It’s like swerving to hit a puddle when someone is on the sidewalk.


faking her social anxiety because Osaka posed for two magazine covers.

I don’t know how she even gets from “faking social anxiety” to “posing for magazine covers”.

I mean, I have huge social anxiety myself – I generally avoid social situations and would prefer to stay at home, but (perhaps) paradoxically I have little trouble “performing”. Speaking to a large crowd? No problem. Making an ass out of myself doing karaoke in a crowded bar? Bring it on. It’s certainly not due to any inherent talents of mine – I’m not a great speaker or singer or anything, but something about the situation puts me at relative ease when compared to more direct interactions.

I can imagine that perhaps Osaka has similar predilections. She’s a top tier tennis player and has spent years honing her craft to get to the level she’s at. Playing sports, even in front of a worldwide audience – which one could argue is not really a “social interaction” so much as a professional doing their job – is a far different beast than having to answer questions at a hostile and unpredictable event like press conference. Posing for a photoshoot different than an interview.

Almost like things like social anxiety can be situational, you know?


Yes she does, and she would know. So I don’t see where making assumptions or doubts about how this mental health issue affects her is useful.


Exactly. Dealing with a small crew for a photo shoot is not the same as a chaotic press briefing, which is not the same as engaging in social media, and that’s not the same as playing a match. Context matters.

Besides, the whole point of the OP is that Megan Kelly decided to be a bitter bully and shame another person over something Kelly clearly knows nothing about. And I don’t doubt that Kelly, being a professional in the field, is guilty of manipulating her own media presence for her best advantage, so she’s a hypocrite on top of her spiteful (and probably racist) rantings.

Can we please focus on that, instead of second-guessing Ms. Osaka’s capabilities?


The entire point of Kelly’s attack was to appeal to racism.
“How dare Ms. Osaka be uppity enough to not only excel in the sport while being a woman of color, but also choose not to deal with the press!”