Melania Trump demands People retract part of accuser's sexual assault story--but not that part

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I’m not sure if she’s telling the truth, if she’s retconned her own memory, if she has Stockholm-syndrome, or if she’s lying to spin some sort of narrative.

But the thing that is easiest for me to picture is Donald leaning over her shoulder, breathing heavily, while rereading that People story, and insisting something like “You spoke with her? In the past?? Traitor!” Then she lies to placate him, but he demands evidence, so she writes People to perpetuate the lie.

The whole thing just skeeves me out. Make it stop.


My assumption is that the campaign and her husband demanded she make some sort of formal threat over the story, and this was the only part she was willing to deny. Claiming some platitudes you threw at some one you had brief professional association with are some sort of libelous claim of best friendship is pretty week sauce as retraction demands go.


I think you’re selling short human beings’ ability to do things that are contradictory to their own beliefs, contradictory to their own self-interest, and in general simultaneously be able to believe two contradictory ideas at once.


Ah, but it’s so much simpler folks. By claiming one part of the story is false, it throws the rest of the story into doubt because now you’re saying “well, you lied about this little event” and that makes everyone wonder if she’s lying about the rest. And Melania has much higher trustworthiness ratings than her husband. He’ll go after the nobodies, and she’ll take on the female reporter who would normally be considered to be speaking from a higher level of authority in the public’s eye. “Well she’s a reporter, she remembers details better because that’s her job,” the public would think.

It’s a very very clever move by the Trump clan. Who would have thought them capable of it.


Look at the top photo, that is far from a happy woman. Not that people always need to smile, oh please no, but I’m looking at here eyes and lines in her face.


May this entire family crash and burn.


The question I have to ask is why was Michelle Obama walking around Trump Tower?


I thought it was an old shot of Mick Jagger.


Ah, the perils of hitching your dreams to a shit wagon.


Don’t downplay Melania’s power in this relationship at this point. She files for divorce and comes out with a bunch of skeevy stories abotu Trump and not only is his doomed camapign even more doomed, but his post-campaign plans to create a Trump-based alt-right info channel (think an alt-right version fo HuffPo) goes down the toilet.


I imagine that would get her sued into oblivion. This is his third marriage, he’s had time to nail down the pre-nup / gag order by now. Plus I imagine that she isn’t going to do anything that will hurt her son, or cause trump to hide him from her.

I’m not saying she won’t or shouldn’t, just that I believe that there would be heavy consequences for her if she does.


Oh, she’s happy. She’s happy wishing you all would just die.

I mean at this point, is there any doubt about both candidates being in politically convenient marriages?

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Good god, does the whole Trump clan not know how libel works?

Saying that you simply ran into someone is not actionable even if it is a lie. Forget about the actual malice standard.


Hey now, slow down here everyone. If the People reporter’s allegations are true, wouldn’t the magazine have made that the story at the time? I mean, come on, it’s obvious! It would have been yuuuuge! Just like the way Access Hollywood made Trump’s bombshell prison-yard banter the story at the time… oh wait.

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