Melania Trump publicly orders husband to fire administration official


No, Eric’s nickname is “Bingbing.” Trump talks about him at rallies all the time.


It’s amazing to be singled out as the “dumb Trump”.


Equally amazing would be what someone would be guilty of to equal the level of foolishness. Like not eating your vegetables, perhaps?


Eat the figs. Nice I, Claudius reference.
I doubt if he’d touch a fig, though.Better to do it with a Big Mac, Livia.


Here’s what a clod I am: I totally thought that was an Indiana Jones reference, and only after your post did I remember that it was dates in Raiders and vaguely remember some reference to figs in I, Claudius. Having a mushy pop culture brain is a handicap sometimes.


Bongbong? I’d hit tha… oh wait…



He’s a bar of soap, trying to look serious.


giving the distinct impression that no-one is really in charge right now

It’s hardly the only thing giving that impression:

Canceling plans and avoiding planned public appearances, Trump’s lost interest in even the pretense of being president,

Trump has retreated into a cocoon of bitterness and resentment, according to multiple administration sources.

Well, at least Trump hasn’t, uh… worn a tan suit?

Since Kelly is the one who actually does all the firing, I’m not sure Trump can ever get rid of him, though (unless he quits, which I guess this might be part of an attempt to get him to do).

Unfortunately a lot of the things he’s wrecking will take years to be fully apparent (or a disaster more immediately). The benefit of that is that there’s also time to reverse some of the damage.


Remember the anti-Clinton bumper stickers which read “I don’t like president Clinton or her husband” ?

I just came here to say that I don’t like president Trump or her husband.


I’m fairly certain that no one in the immediate Trump family circle knows the meaning of irony.


99.44% pure…


I’m voting for Michelle in every Presidential election henceforth even if she isn’t running.


Thanks, but it’s been another big popcorn week. I’m stuffed.


So the GOP is now allowing a foreign-born D-list fashion model run the Executive Branch of our government? Thanks, GOP!



I mean, it’s better than having the GOP run it themselves.


I think I know what you mean here, but the double negative is making my head spin.


please tell me Mueller isn’t waiting for the new House to assemble in January before doing anything further (it would make sense he’d want to present the report to them and not the current one)

because all I want for the holidays is to see this white-house and all its utterly corrupt nepotistic appointments completely implode

(but the caravan)



As to that clip, whoever it was that complained that Trump was like a 4th or 5th grader was drastically overestimating him.