Melania Trump publicly orders husband to fire administration official


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She strikes me more as a dollar store Imelda Marcos.


From the article:

“She’s [Ricardel] regarded as inflexible and obsessed with process, which some officials complain has complicated coordination between the NSC and cabinet agencies.”

Process? Well, then she was doomed from the beginning in this admin.


just imagine the drama from the right if michelle obama had done such a thing.




Look out! because she’s going to be strutting around the WH in her coat…



The indications are that she was good at her job. Obviously she’s not a good fit for the Trump team.


Which is quite the insult considering Imelda Marcos was actually pretty Trumpian in her tackiness.


This is completely within her constitutionally mandated duties.


Having recently traveled to the former Yugoslavia and experienced the tensions between the new countries that formed from it’s breakup, I can’t help but think at least some of this is due to the official being a Croat and Melania a Slovene.


Jebus, if this wasn’t corroding the country I love hour by hour, this would be fantastically entertaining to watch. John Kelly is going be be brought low because Donald Trump is sick of Melania complaining about him. How’s that going to taste in the wee hours when you’re thinking about your life, Johnny?


Catering to Melania has to be pretty awful.


Did you know her son is nicknamed “Bongbong?”


Wow. Somebody actually used the phrase, “the honor of serving in this White House.” Was it meant ironically, do you suppose?


And the “US Becomes A Banana Republic” Clock moves another minute past midnight …


Sometimes when I’m feeling a brief, irrational surge of optimism or good cheer - so, not that often - I reflect on how remarkable it is that, although the presidency has been occupied for two years by a weak, corrupt, mendacious bigot who seems intent on permanently wrecking America’s institutions and relationships, in the main, the nation yet functions. He is terrible but he’s not infinitely influential. He’s just one person. Despite his efforts, not everything that happens in the nation is a reflection of his baleful miasma.

A vacuum at the top isn’t necessarily the worst thing that could happen.

A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have described that thought as “optimistic,” but times change, I guess.


It’s rather terrifying how squeaky-clean Pence is looking through all this. Seems he’s got both some horrifically dangerous ideas and amazing self-control. But we’re still probably past the point where he’s not the better alternative.


I love you for this, you complete stranger.


So is Eric Trump. I’m assuming.