Mellow out from Black Friday with these CBD-infused items at big BF-infused savings

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Real talk: has anyone used CBD and gotten tangible benefit from it?

THC is legal here in CA, and that definitely has an effect, but as much as I have messed around with CBD I don’t notice any effect at all on me, personally?

One thing I will warn you about: CBD definitely has that “grapefruit” thing going where it can profoundly impact the rate of uptake for other drugs / medicines in your system:

CBD is similar to grapefruit in that it also binds with those enzymes, but research suggests that it’s possibly even more potent because it binds in multiple parts of the gut and liver (grapefruit mainly affects enzymes within the small intestine). Once an enzyme has been inhibited, the effect isn’t immediately reversed. It can take days for enzyme function to return to baseline and start the process again.

This, I can 100% verify. And it was … not… a good time.


I know that @xeni has found CBD to be very helpful, standalone. Her twitter and/or IG feeds share some photos of CBD only strains she grows. It is a big part of her post-cancer pain management.


I was just about to ask the opposite question, is there any way to filter out CBD ads so that they are not shown?
CBD is not legal here in Australia so this is something that is getting me close to the point of taking a break from Boing Boing since too much junk is coming through.

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Use a browser like Brave (works really well on mobile devices) or browser extensions/plugins that block malware vectors.
Go directly to the BBS; you can jump to the blog posts from there. You might be late to the party occasionally, but you won’t really miss anything. Except for all of the ads.

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It helped me with joint pain. On particularly bad days it would not be possible to get any sleep without it.
Having said that, I bought it from reputable local manufacturer.

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