Menorah in Kerbal Space Program




Two years later, the alteration to the asteroid’s course caused by this ceremonial burn caused it to crash into the base on Mun. Because it’s just not KSP without horrible yet comedic explosions.


Nice. I may have to invest in some Kerbal Space Equipment.


Can you actually divert the trajectories of asteroids like that? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you could.


I’d be more worried about the immediate effects those astronauts’ll have from standing that close to a menorah using NUCLEAR FUCKIN’ THERMAL ROCKETS as candles.


My brother, an engineer, has been playing this for a long time. The first time I heard about it was when he e-mailed me with the heading, “I’ve burned up a lot of these guys.”



Not yet, but it’s reportedly in the works.

Making a physics engine that can calculate that sort of thing with both reasonable detail AND within a reasonable time on a consumer-grade computer is kinda hard currently, though.

We may have to wait a few years for processing speed to get there.


A large part of the problem is Unity doesn’t support multicore or other bugs in the unity engine itself.

Seriously hoping at some point they’ll be able to migrate or something. Kinda doubt it though.


Unity should just put in a patch to support external code, so you could patch in a physics engine that’s hardwired to use a couple of underused cores.


It always breaks my heart when I kill one of them. They’re just so eager to blindly follow my not-always-well-thought-out orders, and their sense of wonder at being in space mirrors my own. They’re all pretty much the same, but it doesn’t matter.


Seeing the grins on their faces makes me grin back. All that child-like glee at getting to see the stars and everything else out there.


KSP is the game that got me back into gaming —and all while learning orbital mechanics. I have to hide my less well thought out missions from my daughter, though. She gets upset if kill a Kerbal.


So, is this the planet where the Zsouchmuhnites are to be forcibly relocated? Will Evsise and Kadak at last find peace with their lust-nest concubines here?


Talk about choosing to go to the Moon in this decade and doing The Other Thing!


that other thing… that thing i just forgot what it is…

not because they are easy, but because they are HAHD!


It’s not actually an asteroid. That’s Minmus, the outermost moon of Kerbin (The Kerbal home planet). I don’t think they’ve put in any asteroids or comets yet. Just their sun, planets, and moons.


You beat me to it


Shows how far I’ve gotten in KSP!


A kosher Kerbal is a happy Kerbal.