You have 20 minutes before the sun blows up



So far it’s been good fun. (I wish I was playing it with VR.) I’m so happy to have (multiple!) verbs besides “shoot”. I might even file this one above Portal in my mind palace of games. (pending more finished versions)

  • (Unfortunately the linux build needed some x86 libs installed, (still trying to get sound,) and has no launcher/config that I’ve found so far. Also the game recommends an xbox controller, which isn’t inherently bad, but omg so many buttons. Still better than I’d hoped for an early build probably cross-compiled.)

notes: tried the osx version on another machine, got some controls: wasd controls menus as well as movement. e is ok , q is nope. Space bar jumps, shift/ctrl are up and down. Once you’re off the planet, Mouse button locks target and right mouse does probes. I think middle click is map, and f is flashlight. Still working on the rest.

Launched after simply unzipping it and making executable in Ubuntu.
Not having the controller I need to figure out key mapping, cant even get into options on my first 5min run.
The 3D is pretty good even though it is only using the Mesa drivers not the Nvidia chip.

Interesting, this is sort of like a game in the Kindle Sci-Fi book “Alien Night on Union Station” by E.M. Foner, They have a gameverse that has space battles etc. and the sun supernovas at the end of the game. it’s a random time limit and the rules are different but the concept is similar.

I might well pick this up simply as an encouragement to developers to work on odd ball ideas.

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