Men's rights meltdown at McDonalds


Live and learn. I mean I knew that the swearing stupid on screen is as much like real tourettes as psychopaths as portrayed in criminal minds are to real psychopaths.

That this is your specialty as a neuroscientist is news. Keep up the good work man.


I have a sister that is mentally stuck at childhood (largely.) She has only a basic grasp of a lot of things. An example is when she ran up the family’s tv bill by renting five hundred dollars of pay per view. Given she is unable to read past what a five or six year old can we feel she isn’t really accountable and that it was on us for not better explaining ‘if a thing pops up you hit this button to make it go away and find something else to watch’ and to set up a password for pay services.

On the other hand it is on her by how she acts, in how she will treat me different (and often worse) when nobody else is here (swearing, snideness, screaming, and then instnat backpeddling when parents come by going ‘I’m sorry. I apologize.’ She knows she did wrong so should be held accountable not just by the canned apology that means precicely nothing, but how her behavior will shift depending on who’s around.


'Fraid not. Ex-neuroscientist, medically retired due to psych issues, now living with Tourette’s as well courtesy of neural damage resulting from a spectacularly bad reaction to a common psych med.

This was my specialty:





Are you kidding me? Boingboing (and its commenters) LOVES sexism and racism, and perpetuates it constantly. It’s just rather specific about which sex and which race it’s acceptable to be doing the sexism and racism to.


OK then.

I hope you managed to get your chicken-burger, BTW.


Nope, we’re only up to Nougat.



Canadians, apparently.


Whatever. We’ll be over here with our poutine, our healthcare, and our magical unicorn PM.


And you want to be my latex salesman.



And our ongoing debate about which came first.


A killer, certainly, a “murderer” in the relevant sense (culpability) that distinguishes murder from other categories of killing?

Murder is unlawful premeditated killing. All murders are homicides, but not all homicides are murder.Would it make sense to insist that someone who is found “not criminally responsible” (the legal term for this in Canada) for killing a person is still a “murderer” when they lacked the capacity to commit the offence in question?


Oh, fair enough! Sorry I was on a ranty tear!

But welcome to boing boing! :wink:




Consider the source, as my Gram used to say.


l hope the folks who got bizarrely self righteous with @Umm saw that this post has been retracted because the guy is, in fact, mentally ill. And thanks @umm for pushing through an opinion that I totally agree with in the face of a good old fashioned BoingBoing self righteous pile on.


On the contrary, it was retracted because someone else claiming to know him says he’s suffered a brain injury (which is not mental illness, and which would be credible). I’m having trouble confirming it. Looks like it was a fake report designed to concern troll the video away.

I’m not surprised, but will keep trying.