Mentos + Coke + Nutella + Condoms = Bellissimo Explosion (video)




I…I have nothing to say…


First time I’ve seen a guy happy about a broken condom.


Wow, I would’ve thought that could only happen in America.

ITALIA!!!      ITALIA!!!


I appreciate the English translation, but it sounds so much more awesome in Italian.


The jokes just write themselves.


Still not sure what the Nutella adds to this. The condom held the Mentos away from the Coke just fine without it. Maybe he just likes Nutella!


A proud day for Italy.


Nutella: the strength of steel, the flexibility of rubber, and the nutritional value of beef stew.


Mythbusters showed that Diet Coke produced a larger reaction than regular Coke. Wonder why he went with regular.


Just like sex.

You already assume you know what’s going to happen from the start, there’s an inordinate amount of fiddling with the condom, things pop before you are truly ready, and it winds up with a big mess nobody wants to clean up.


DRM issues…the link wouldn’t play.


It was just one more internet fad to add to the mix.


The next flood of memes will be to add Nutella to random things for no discernible reason.


Eh, I guess I have another reason to be ashamed for being an Italian…
Ah, it is “bellissima esplosione” not “bellissimo esplosione” because explosion is feminine in italian…


The use of Nutella provides promotion of said product. Plus helps congeal the mentos group so they drop close together instead of having arrant candy slip away too soon. IMHO.


you had me at mango condom


Much more entertaining than my son’s recent science fair experiment, but I am not sure they school would appreciate the condom part?


And this is why, if someone tells you they need extra-large condoms, they are most definitely lying.