Mermaid tail enthusiasts express displeasure over swimming pool ban

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The merpeople planned a protest march but it turned out to be a bit of a flop.


The next one will be better planned, though. It’s expected to go swimmingly.


I’m impressed by the artfullness of Shutterstock’s mermaid image collection…

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Well played.

I’ve never understood why people want to wear diving fins in swimming pools, unless it provides some training bonus or just comfort. But I’ve never seen a reason to object to them either. As long as you stay in your lane I don’t care if you wear a tail or a tuxedo.

It works for these guys.

A City of Edmonton spokesman says there is concern the tails promote holding one’s breath under water for long periods of time and can lead to blackouts and drowning.

By this point it’s just silly to ask if this has ever actually happened anywhere? Or are we just winning the War on Hypothetical here?


Because no twelve year old in history has ever responded to the challenge of “Let’s both go underwater at the same time and see who has to come up first.”




That wouldn’t be hypothetical now would it?

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I wore some fins in a pool once, and misjudged my own speed and ended up ramming my head into the wall, taking out a chunk of my forehead.

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Ouch. There’s another good reason for not wearing fins in the pool.

A pool I sometimes go to had a “Swim the Amazon” program one year. I could see wearing fins for that if they went for the extra authenticity and threw some piranhas in the water.

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When the local commuter rag covered this, the city spokesperson acknowledged that there have not been any issues with this at all.

Later in the article, they went on to mention that Calgary has no problems with the fins, provided people can pass a test that shows they can actually swim in the things.

Edit: the other interesting thing is that Edmonton is not a terribly paranoid city. We have fended off a sledding ban just this last fall, and playgrounds still have awesome things that get you really dizzy.

Not a bad idea. If it was me in that tail, it would be like swimming with an anchor. For the tail, I mean.

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